Info about how to buy and how not to buy Thermomix online…

Each week thousands of people come to this blog
to find out how to buy Thermomix.

After researching and reading about Thermomix, and watching Thermomix videos, or maybe after a surprisingly enjoyable consultant demo, most people decide they want to have this super machine in their own kitchens.

And they want it very much. Sometimes they email to ask about where to buy a used Thermomix in USA, Australia, and Europe. And they really want to know how to buy Thermomix online.
used thermomix not recommended

any people want to buy Bimby but the Thermomix price makes it difficult. So it is natural to hope, and to try, and to look for a used Thermomix on ebay and other sites. In reality, such findings are extremely rare.

Why is it so hard to find a used Thermomix?

  • Passionate attachment – people who buy Thermomix usually fall in love with it in a way that is not seen with any other appliance brand. After we start using it we hold on tight and will not let it go! (Yes, even taking it on holiday to avoid Thermomix withdrawal.)
  • Short supply, great demand supply of used ones is extremely limited so if, for some unusual reason there is a used Thermomix for sale somewhere, it will be bought very quickly. (If there is bidding involved, even the price of a used Thermomix will be high.)

Tips for buying used Thermomix:

  • Not recommended — you will wait a long time, and there is no assurance of quality and support. It’s better to buy a new Bimby.
  • Occasionally, a Thermomix fan will opt to sell a used Bimby because… they love the machine so much and want to upgrade to the newest model. If their friends decide not to buy it directly… do you really want to buy a machine that has been used steadily, every day for many years? Be kind to yourself… get a new one.
  • Warning! Be very careful if you find a used Thermomix for sale. Things are not always as they seem. If a deal sounds too good to be true, it is. There have been cases of internet fraud, where stolen machines with forged documents were taken by police. Also, (hard to believe but true) some people have paid a lot of money to buy Thermomix online and received instead, the toy Bimby made for children (!) This happened because they did not pay attention to details about the product for sale. Buying a new Thermomix avoids this trouble.
  • Follow on Twitter! Occasionally, a used Thermomix from a reliable source (a friend who is moving overseas etc.) will be posted for sale.  Such rare offerings are immediately tweeted and usually sell quickly, so it helps to follow on Twitter and be first to know!
After reading all this, it would be natural to assume that this blog and blogger are somehow involved with selling Thermomix. Not so. This blog is driven by passion, not money. If interested, read more about this blog.