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Made by Vorwerk in Germany and France. The new Thermomix in USA, Australia, Europe and around the world is known as TM5 . In Portugal and Italy it is sold as “Bimby”. The model previous to TM5 is the classic TM31.

This is an unofficial fan blog because there is no affiliation with the manufacturer. This blog speaks from a position of unbridled appreciation, about Thermomix cooking fun.

This Thermomix blog is not about conventional cookery. Nor is it about anyone’s cookbook collection, kitchen reno, family, or pets. not_about2 It’s not about learning to cook like Julia Child, Jamie Oliver, or Nigella — unless of course, there’s a Thermomix hiding in the kitchen. We’re all here together for one simple reason: to celebrate the fun, freedom, and satisfaction of preparing great food with a super kitchen machine.

Why this Thermomix blog?

SuperKitchenMachine.com is a fan blog created and maintained by Helene Meurer, (that’s me!) a Canadian Thermomix enthusiast who would like to see more Thermomix (Bimbys) used everywhere.  I execute this blog for fun (yes — geeky, culinary, creative fun) and because Thermomix is a brilliantly-designed product of the highest quality that deserves to be better known, especially in North America. The fact that Thermomix is under-appreciated by foodies, professional chefs, and food-bloggers in Canada and USA is frankly bewildering. Especially given its solid well-deserved reputation, rampant popularity and “cult-like status” around the world.

Bring a Thermomix into any kitchen and watch the cook’s mood flicker and brighten as possibilities are recognized. Soon, enthusiasm takes hold and passion begins to boil over! A culinary tool that has the potential to captivate all cooks (from novice to expert chefs) to this degree deserves to be better understood and accepted for what it is — a super kitchen machine!

Thermomix blog author Helene Meurer

blogger’s mandate:
“I am openly dedicated to informing all cooks about the lifestyle benefits of the machine I enjoy using most in my own kitchen.
I do this because the perks of using a Thermomix continue to surprise me, and I think you’ll have fun owning one too.”
ThermomixBlogger Helene


The blog formerly known as thermomixbimby.com
Originally begun at thermomixbimby.com in September 2009, the blog became very popular in a short time and was re-launched three months later as SuperKitchenMachine.com. At this new cyber-home it continues to thrive as an unabashed, unofficial resource for Thermomix owners and for people who are curious about buying Thermomix.  Thanks to all new readers and subscribers who visit every day! Your curiosity and dedication make this blog a worthwhile endeavor.

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“Where can I buy Thermomix? Why can’t I order one here?”
Sorry but it’s true: this blog is for telling not selling — you can’t buy a Thermomix here!  Helping Thermomix/Bimby to become better known is a challenge I enjoy working with on a daily basis through the medium of this blog — but that’s a big task in itself. There is not enough time in the day for me to also be a sales consultant.  (Also, I’m too shy for that job.) Here is a link for information about where to buy Thermomix.

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