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Good to know:

1) SuperKitchenMachine does not represent or sell Thermomix. This an unofficial, unaffiliated voluntary fan blog.  As such, it accepts food blog advertising and sponsorship arrangements with like-minded businesses.  (See some in the sidebar at right, and by clicking here.)

2) The popularity of SuperKitchenMachine generates about 145,000+ pageviews (99,000+ unique visits) with creative cooks and discerning foodies each month.
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After three years of serving information, news, recipes, reviews and videos to creative cooks, foodies and Thermomix fans around the world, this blog has become a popular, reliable resource. People like it and best of all… Google loves it.

About food blog advertising and sponsorship
Is SuperKitchenMachine a ‘food’ blog? Yes, and more; it’s a kitchen blog. A kitchen gadget blog for discerning people who share a particular lifestyle choice. People read this blog because it is relevant to having fun in the kitchen with high-quality ingredients and Thermomix. The blog consistently offers fresh ideas for creative cooks and foodies. Readers of this blog are socially connected, and because our opinions matter we only promote products and businesses we can honestly stand behind.

Keeping it real
By virtue of its subject and its readership, SuperKitchenMachine invites a specific type of food blog advertising and sponsorship. It is well positioned to promote Thermomix-friendly businesses.

What does “Thermomix-friendly” mean?
If you have a business that would benefit from meeting almost 100,000 savvy Thermomix cooks and foodies each month, let’s talk about promoting your business here. (check out the options)

Thermomix-friendly people love to connect
Do you sell a specialty food item that complements the Thermomix kitchen? This is your chance to share it with the world. Are you the owner of a restaurant, cookery school, vineyard, or online store of interest to Thermomix fans like us? Are you based in Australia, North America, Britain, Europe, or Malaysia? This blog has readers near you! Or maybe there is a Thermomix in the kitchen of the hotel, resort, or bed and breakfast you operate — wouldn’t it be fun to attract Thermomix friends as guests? (affordable ways to promote)

Would your business like to meet 100,000+ new creative cooks each month?
Let’s get started: if you know of a business that is relevant to creative cooks and avid foodies, let’s help it grow. By keeping ads relevant we can make stronger connections and we’ll all have more fun.