this blog’s food style

What is the ‘food style’ of this blog?

Before cooking Thermomix recipes from these pages, it might help to know what food preferences guide this blogger’s direction.

Gastronomic preferences
I do not have a sweet tooth, and most of my recipes will reflect this. If you like sweeter food and need more sugar in your life, please adjust accordingly.

I prefer savoury to sweet and I prefer warm food rather than hot. This applies to both temperature and level of spiciness.  I think we can all agree that food just tastes ‘more’ when its not too hot, and I sure do enjoy maximizing pleasures of the palate.

I love the taste of alcoholic drinks, but not so much their effects on my body and mind. — And I’m allergic to sulphites, so I can’t drink much alcohol.

I am neither a vegetarian, nor a carnivore. I do enjoy meats cooked in combination with fruits. I’ve spend a lifetime writing healthy book reviews and have read more about nutrition and health than most people. Personal food choices are often based on health aspects but I also allow for regular indulging in naughtier foods. I like all vegetables, particularly leafy greens and anything red or orange in colour. The fresher the better, so I grow some of my own. Garlic, garlic, and more garlic please.

I drink coffee with cream, no sugar, and I like my chocolate at about 80%.

Culinary preferences
I am happiest in the kitchen. I am a cook, not a baker (but Thermomix is changing that…) I am hard-pressed to follow recipes of any kind, and prefer to make do with what is on hand, stringing together delightful moments along the way.

Until I found myself writing a food blog, I never cooked anything the same way twice. Pleasure for me is as much, if not more so, in the creative act of cooking, as it is in the enjoyment of savouring a meal.

I shop by ‘what is fresh and on special’ rather than according to menu plans. I get a thrill from making really good food happen from a miserly larder. I love to stretch the envelope so that almost nothing is left for the compost bucket and all the goodness of nature has been consumed for the purpose of physical and mental energy production.

I lean towards a more natural style of food preparation using best quality organic ingredients and healthier options where available. I rarely buy packaged ingredients, and enjoy preparing everything ‘from scratch’. Thermomix allows for much more fun, exploration, and satisfaction in this regard.

I have always been a hands-on cook with a bit of knowledge, a few excellent knives, and not much more in the way of tools. Thermomix not only changed my approach to cooking, but has enhanced it by providing more precision, control, and more predictable outcomes. This means more time and therefore — more freedom.