24 August 2014 > best Thermomix sites, Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video

video: How to make Coconut Milk Yogurt with Thermomix

Meet Jill on the new ThermoHOW video channel! This first video recipe from ThermoHOW teaches her simple method for how to make coconut milk yoghurt using Thermomix.

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22 June 2014 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Thermomix dessert: Strawberry-Cardamom Frozen Yogurt

What makes this Thermomix dessert so deliciously different? Is it the flavours (cardamom, organic strawberries and decadently thick Greek yogurt) or the textures? There’s only one way to …

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04 April 2013 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Thermomix Mayonnaise Recipe & Yogurt Dressing

Helpful video from Thermomix Australia clearly demonstrates how easy it is to make Thermomix mayonnaise from scratch. If you haven’t tried it yet, this will do the trick!

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17 January 2013 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Recipes on video

alyce alexandra’s Thermomix Cheesecake Recipe

Catch Thermomix recipe author and cookbook writer alyce alexandra on camera! Here she is with a special recipe video for mini Lemon Poppyseed cheesecakes — using the Varoma.

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16 May 2011 > Make your own ingredients

How to make easy fresh Ricotta cheese & save 55%!

It’s quick and simple. Creamy, deliciously pure, and so versatile. All that, and we save money too? Oh yah.

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22 March 2011 > Make your own ingredients

This paneer cheese recipe is easier than yogurt!

Truly faster and easier to make than yogurt. In fact, making fresh paneer cheese is so easy, there’s really no reason to leave home — except to buy more milk! (Click for three versions: plain, lemon, & spiced)

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01 May 2010 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

How to make Almond “Cheese” (Fermented & Peppered)

How to make fermented almond “cheese”? It’s very simple and easy with Thermomix, but you need to plan ahead and begin by soaking raw almonds.

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25 January 2010 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Delicious Dessert Ideas, Snacks & Parties

Sorta Torta Mascarpone (Is this too good to eat?)

You don’t know Mascarpone until you’ve tried Torta Mascarpone.Two triple cream cheeses combining in a beautiful marriage of the savoury sort. Perfectly complimentary and with a sum greater than its parts. Is this too good?

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22 January 2010 > Make your own ingredients

Mascarpone: make it with Thermomix to save $$

Using Thermomix to make cheese is a great way to have fun with this super kitchen machine and Mascarpone is a good place to begin. Make it in less than 10 minutes! Why does something this easy cost so much in the stores?

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27 December 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Recipes on video

Onion Flan for Thermomix Fans

Don’t try this unless you are prepared to receive job offers from professional kitchens and proposals of marriage — all who taste it will fall in love. Guaranteed.

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13 December 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

Rondelles de Chèvre (Gogurt Cheese Rounds)

I just had to find out if Thermomix could help me make goat’s cheese too. Or rather… “Gogurt Cheese” made from goat’s milk yogurt. Not only did it come together more easily than expected, but boy-oh-boy, the gogurt experiment was …

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12 December 2009 > Make your own ingredients

Valerie’s Thermomix Yogurt Recipe

Making yogurt by Thermomix is EASY and so very REWARDING. It’s not only healthier, but a great way to save money, as making your own yogurt cuts costs to about a third! This super simple recipe from Valerie is the best way to get started.

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03 November 2009 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Making Yogurt & Yogurt Cheese

Valerie, A Canadian Foodie in Edmonton, does a super job of teaching the basics of making yogurt with Thermomix and THEN she shares her secret technique for making Spicy Yogurt Cheese Balls.

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03 November 2009 > Recipes on video

Thermomix Yogurt Cheese Balls

Valerie in Edmonton takes her Thermomix skills to the next level by sharing the secrets of making Marinated Yogurt Cheese Balls – using yogurt cheese made by Thermomix!

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22 September 2009 > Make your own ingredients

Ready to try… making cheese! (see what I bought)

I really don’t know yet if this Lee Valley Jelly Bag will work for making yogurt cheese — but I can’t wait to give it a try! Just like the Thermomix, this item is made in Europe, so I’m trusting that it’s tried and true and that it won’t disappoint.

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07 September 2009 > Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Making yogurt (by Richard)

Using Thermomix to make yogurt in Ottawa, Canada… (Richard makes yogurt with help of a yogurt maker for incubation, but most Thermomix users do it without — we tell you how.)

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