24 February 2012 > Breads, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Raw gluten-free bread recipe (or bake it in the oven!)

This easy raw gluten-free sandwich bread is perfect for families and those who are transitioning to a raw diet. Why? Because it can be baked and/or toasted too. No matter how you slice it, this versatile bread is ideal for sharing with… everyone!

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06 January 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Make your own ingredients

Mock rice: a reverse way to healthier Thermomix meals

Mock rice is a quick and easy trick for turning regular fare into healthier meals. Using the reverse power of Thermomix we get one quarter the calories of regular rice, more protein, and a lower glycemic load. Surprise yourself with the feel-good food of 2012!

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04 October 2011 > Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

QuirkyJo makes Raw Cashew Cream with Thermomix

Wow — look what’s just popped up on Youtube: a video of Quirky Jo making raw cashew cream! (And there’s a bonus link to one more video…)

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23 August 2011 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Thermomix Sorbet Recipe: fresh and refreshing basil and lemon

What happens when basil combines with lemon and sugar in the Thermomix kitchen machine? It’s a refreshingly grown-up and simply amazing treat. Get ready to astonish your friends and impress yourself!

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19 May 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Asparagus Pesto

A surprising green gem from the people who know asparagus best — the asparagus farmers! This recipe is raw, healthy, and super fast.

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02 April 2011 > Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Instant Ginger Beer

Slight tweaks to the standard Thermomix recipe make for a smooth and creamy “stout” with gingery bite. To those who are serious about ginger, it’s instantly pleasing in less than 60 seconds.

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01 January 2011 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes

Fouad Kassab’s Lebanese Toum (for Thermomix)

Adapted from the Sydney food blog’s Toum recipe, this Thermomixed Lebanese sauce freshens the palate like a cloud of lemon fluff with garlic-tipped wings. Poetry in your mouth? Quite simply… yes.

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28 October 2010 > Basic functions explained

Janey Lee Grace Loves Thermomix (video tells all)

Britain’s Janey Lee Grace is unabashedly gushing over Thermomix. Watch to see what turns her on about the super kitchen machine we love best.

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11 July 2010 > Blog

How to have even more fun with veggies and Varoma

Did you know Benriner Cook Help is a perfect match for the Thermomix? See how to use this simple Japanese tool to prepare fabulously fun vegetable ‘noodles’ for steaming in the Varoma. (Makes pretty salads too.)

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26 May 2010 > Just for fun

Chef Dylan’s Thermomix “Ice Cream”

Another fun video production from Melbourne Thermomix consultant Steph Berg. Gather your kids around to watch mini Chef Dylan demonstrate the easy way to make Banana “Ice Cream”.

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01 May 2010 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

How to make Almond “Cheese” (Fermented & Peppered)

How to make fermented almond “cheese”? It’s very simple and easy with Thermomix, but you need to plan ahead and begin by soaking raw almonds.

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24 April 2010 > best Thermomix sites

Visit Tebasile’s Kitchen for healthier Thermomix recipes

It’s a growing resource for raw, vegan, and vegetarian recipes that are creative, easy, and elegant. Tebasile has a knack for simplicity and this makes her blog a popular destination for those of us using Thermomix for health reasons. Check it out now!

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11 December 2009 > Recipes

Seriously Citrus Vitamin Cooler!

After spending two days sick in bed I decided it was time to do more than reach for another handkerchief and feel sorry for myself. It was time for a hit of serious vitamins and this refreshing drink worked like a charm, leaving me feeling MUCH better!

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07 November 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Ali Baba Salad (for Gretchen)

An improvised salad that was not intended for the blog until Gretchen from Australia saw it on the Bimby Diary page and asked about it — so here we are. Little jewels of color and flavor harken to the land of Ali Baba.

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01 October 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Bimby Billy’s Raw Oatmeal

For breakfast this morning I decided to try making raw oatmeal in the Thermomix. It was delicious and tasted better than any cooked oatmeal I have ever tried. It was also very simple to make.

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30 September 2009 > best Thermomix sites

Simplify My Life (with Thermomix)

A simple blog about simplifying life with the help of Thermomix. Tarah’s blog is filled with great examples of how Thermomix enhances the lives of all who choose the raw food dietary lifestyle. When Tarah began the Simplify My Life blog, she wrote: “There are other…

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23 September 2009 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

BimbyBilly’s Best Brownies (a raw food surprise)

These are rich brownies, not-so-sweet and very chocolaty but without added sugar, flour, dairy or fat. They are extremely satisfying for anyone who loves chocolate, yet they are also healthy and gluten-free!

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22 September 2009 > Blog

Raw food diet and Thermomix

Thermomix is very helpful to anyone wanting to increase their percentage of raw food intake because the sensitive temperature controls allow ingredients to be added just at the critical point for best enzyme retention.

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