19 October 2014 > best Thermomix sites, Thermomix TM5

Tool tip: Sous vide cooking with Thermomix TM5 & TM31

Yes you can — use Thermomix TM5 and TM31 kitchen machines to easily control temperatures for sous vide cooking at home. Meet your new friends: TMX recipe links and a handy-dandy temperature and timing chart.

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03 September 2014 > Recipes

How to get hundreds of new Thermomix recipes on facebook (with just two clicks!)

There are so many new Thermomix pages on facebook these days but its easy to follow them all with just two clicks and The Thermomix List.

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04 September 2013 > Blog

Kribbitt ipad stand GIVEAWAY: 4 prizes won!

There’s a new colour in the Kribbitt family and we’re celebrating with a fabulous four-prize giveaway! If you haven’t met Kribbitt yet, this is your chance to get cozy with the cook’s fave iPad and tablet stand.

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11 October 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Thermomix in the news!

What’s for Dessert? Tenina ebook giveaway for Thermomix fans!

It’s a global giveaway as Tenina celebrates the launch of her new ebook by giving away a free copy on this blog. Dessert recipes by Australia’s best-loved mixer developer are now just a click away…

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02 February 2012 > Thermomix in the news!

For Food Sake resets the bar for Thermomix cookbooks!

Tenina in the land of Thermomix. Thermomix Temptress extraordinaire. Her new cookbook is a winner and not just because it’s pretty. But well, it IS that, and a whole lot more too. Make room on the shelf For Food’s Sake!

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29 January 2012 > Blog, Tips & Techniques

Thermomix spatula add-on: Super Spatula comes with free shipping

Something new for people who love Thermomix! Super spatula promises to enhance your experience of the super kitchen machine. Easy shopping with free shipping for Thermomix fans around the world.

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07 December 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

Official Thermomix App for iPad (HD) is now served!

The first official Thermomix app by Vorwerk has just been released and those of us with iPhones and iPads are just a little bit iExcited. So what, exactly is all the fuss about?

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18 November 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

Tenina’s ‘Dinner Spinner’ Thermomix cookbook – grab it & go!

Tenina surprises fans with the biggest little Thermomix cookbook ever. It’s a yum-packed “Dinner Spinner” to rescue us from the stresses of evening meal prep. And it’s a grab & go cutie of a retro recipe app too!

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28 August 2011 > Blog

a Shopper’s Guide for Thermomix Kitchens

Who knows about the best tools for a Thermomix kitchen? It’s the people who read this blog, that’s who! Come on in, tell us your ideas and shop from the suggestions of others via Amazon. (Helps support SuperKitchenMachine.)

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04 December 2010 > Blog, Uncategorized

Ten Easy Gift Ideas for Thermomix fans

Ten simple gift ideas and Thermomix accessories for kitchens around the world. Nothing too fancy or unrealistic. Just a few pertinent and practical home-cooked recommendations for like-minded fans.

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02 December 2010 > Blog, Uncategorized

Double-walled glasses for Thermomix kitchens

We borrow a super practical idea from our coffee-loving friends. See what double-walled glassware has to offer for the Thermomix kitchen, and how a simple little glass can make life more fun.

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11 July 2010 > Blog

How to have even more fun with veggies and Varoma

Did you know Benriner Cook Help is a perfect match for the Thermomix? See how to use this simple Japanese tool to prepare fabulously fun vegetable ‘noodles’ for steaming in the Varoma. (Makes pretty salads too.)

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10 January 2010 > Blog

What is a Thermomix Thermo Server?

Not just a pretty bowl! The Thermo Server is a great companion to the Thermomix and has many reasons for being popular among Bimby fans. Are there more ways to use it?

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04 January 2010 > Blog

See what I got! (for Thermomix Recipe Conversions)

This year’s Christmas gift-to-self was a specialty calculator to help with Thermomix recipe conversions. I just know there are a few gadget-loving geeky gastronomes and recipe-converting Thermomix fans who will appreciate this too!

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29 September 2009 > Blog

Trust the spatula.

Tried and trusted, the clever spatula is much appreciated by this Thermomix fan. And, if anyone knows… Who designed the Thermomix spatula? Did this person receive an award? I hope so.

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22 September 2009 > Make your own ingredients

Ready to try… making cheese! (see what I bought)

I really don’t know yet if this Lee Valley Jelly Bag will work for making yogurt cheese — but I can’t wait to give it a try! Just like the Thermomix, this item is made in Europe, so I’m trusting that it’s tried and true and that it won’t disappoint.

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