07 December 2014 > best Thermomix sites

new Thermomix magazine from guess who?!

new Thermomix magazine announced

Check this value-packed digital magazine for Thermomix enthusiasts! (Apple & Android.) Each issue is filled with fresh recipe ideas and tips for new users — from the popular, passionate Thermomixin’ peeps at…

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25 November 2014 > Thermomix in the news!

Relax into Thermomix Christmas prep with Merry Christmix Too

Use Tenina’s new collection of Thermomix Christmas recipes to take the stress out of festive planning. See my shortlist of recipes from Merry Christmix Too for inspiration…

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16 November 2013 > best Thermomix sites, Delicious Dessert Ideas

I love Chocolate, I love Thermomix Cookbook Giveaway

Thermomix cookbook breaks the mould! Janie Turner (Thermomix UK) adapts recipes and tips from Master Chocolatiers. Extremely thorough and confidence-building for all chocoholic Thermomix fans. Enter to win a copy!

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07 November 2013 > Breads, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Cranberry Ginger Thermomix Scones

Chunky flavour-filled scones make any day taste like a special occasion. Bake this easy feel-good recipe on a regular week-day morning and share the extras at work or school!

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20 October 2013 > Thermomix in the news!

Thermomix ebook & cookbook: Quick fix every occasion

The new Quick Fix Every Occasion makes it easier than ever to enjoy special meals. Inspiring recipes, superb organization, and fab photos plus the convenience of an ebook format from iTunes. Cheers!

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15 August 2013 > Make your own ingredients

Pomegranate Molasses: a Thermomix ruby reduction

Try this special ruby topping and watch any dish turn into a festive one. Simple to make from three basic ingredients. (No molasses needed!) Great on pancakes, parfaits, ice cream and…

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31 December 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Make your own ingredients

How to make Swiss Meringue Buttercream (Thermomix)

Decorate like a pro with the ultimate icing: Swiss Meringue Buttercream! This is the mystery ingredient to successful relationships, weddings, dinner parties, and baking contests. Divine, decadent, and done in the Thermomix, thanks to Mara!

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16 December 2012 > Snacks & Parties

White Chocolate & Baileys Festive Fudge Recipe

Creamy white chocolate fudge with pistachios, Craisins, and Baileys. This easy Thermomix recipe is not too sweet and perfect for festive occasions. Important notes added for 2013!

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23 November 2012 > best Thermomix sites, Recipes

100+ Thermomix Christmas recipes: fan favourites

Big list of inspiring photos and links for helpful Thermomix Christmas recipes. Check to see what other Thermomix tm5 and TM31 fans are mixing up for festive tables and gourmet gifting!

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20 November 2012 > Snacks & Parties

Salted Dark Chocolate Bacon Bark

Separate the men from the boys by serving salted Chocolate Bacon Bark at your next gathering. Don’t be surprised if you find Granny with her hand in the chocolate jar either. We find this salty-sweet treat is making new friends in surprising places ;-)

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05 October 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Recipes on video, Snacks & Parties, Tips & Techniques

How to make healthy chocolate at home with Thermomix

Get ready to cook-along with a Cyndi O’Meara chocolate-making video tutorial. Plenty of healthy options here, from a much-loved Australian nutritionist and ambassador for the super kitchen machine.

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04 April 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Easter Lamb Cake Recipe

Vintage cake mold meets modern kitchen appliance for traditional baked Easter Lamb recipe.

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27 January 2012 > Make your own ingredients

Balsamic Vinegar Reduction

Don’t let the simplicity of this recipe fool you. Basic balsamic vinegar reduction is as easy as it is versatile — all the more reason to put on the creative pants and warm up the Thermomix! How do Thermomix fans use this intense, edgy ingredient?

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05 December 2011 > Basic functions explained, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

video: making Iced Puff Pastry

A rough puff video to demonstrate the Iced Puff Pastry recipe and technique. Warning: this is not a professional video, but watching it will change the way you make appetizers forever!

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05 December 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Iced Puff Pastry Recipe

Why use ice water when you can use ice? Harness the power of Thermomix to make quick and easy puff pastry for supreme sweet and savory treats of all kinds!

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30 November 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Delicious Dessert Ideas

Thermomix Christmas recipes for festive times

Have you ever wished for extra helping hands to lighten the load at festive times? This is where Thermomix really shines! Here are the best savoury and sweet Thermomix recipes for seasonal menu planning (recently updated for this year!).

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23 August 2011 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Thermomix Sorbet Recipe: fresh and refreshing basil and lemon

What happens when basil combines with lemon and sugar in the Thermomix kitchen machine? It’s a refreshingly grown-up and simply amazing treat. Get ready to astonish your friends and impress yourself!

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22 June 2011 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Easy lower-sugar Zabaglione (Sabayon)

What makes a great classic dessert even better? When we can eat it without guilt!

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06 June 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

more fun with Thermomix: Veggie Spirals

Here we use the power of Thermomix to have more fun with vegetables. Too easy — and we can add a filling of choice to suit any season or occasion!

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12 May 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

Salmon Rillettes

A pretty pink marriage of fresh and smoked salmon that’s elegant yet rustic. Suitable for brunch, lunch and dinner — from casual picnics to posh weddings, this is a “one size fits all” recipe for success.

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10 April 2011 > Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

BACON JAM — two recipes!

It’s a concentrated and versatile sweet ‘n salty treat for committed carnivores and those who love them. (And it’s just a little bit too easy to make with Thermomix.)

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