07 December 2014 > best Thermomix sites

new Thermomix magazine from guess who?!

new Thermomix magazine announced

Check this value-packed digital magazine for Thermomix enthusiasts! (Apple & Android.) Each issue is filled with fresh recipe ideas and tips for new users — from the popular, passionate Thermomixin’ peeps at…

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03 September 2014 > Recipes

How to get hundreds of new Thermomix recipes on facebook (with just two clicks!)

There are so many new Thermomix pages on facebook these days but its easy to follow them all with just two clicks and The Thermomix List.

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24 August 2014 > best Thermomix sites, Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video

video: How to make Coconut Milk Yogurt with Thermomix

Meet Jill on the new ThermoHOW video channel! This first video recipe from ThermoHOW teaches her simple method for how to make coconut milk yoghurt using Thermomix.

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16 December 2013 > best Thermomix sites, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Healthy Thermomix Recipes: cook along with Bec!

Watch and cook-along with new Thermomix owner Bec (and family) in Melbourne learning to use her super kitchen machine while preparing healthy Thermomix recipes and and allergy-friendly foods. Plenty of healthy tips and smiles!

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08 September 2013 > Tips & Techniques

Quirky Cooking video tips for new Thermomix owners

Helpful tips from one of Australia’s premier Thermomix consultants — Jo Whitton of Quirky cooking. Thanks to Louise D’Allura for this: a must-see video for new Thermomix owners.

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04 May 2013 > Thermomix in the news!

listen up: new Thermomix podcast by the 4 Blades

Open your ears to a snappy new podcast about Thermomix by Rebecca and Joe Winston of Brisbane Australia. Hear the story that brought them to Thermomix, fave recipes, tips and …

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23 November 2012 > best Thermomix sites, Recipes

100+ Thermomix Christmas recipes: fan favourites

Big list of inspiring photos and links for helpful Thermomix Christmas recipes. Check to see what other Thermomix tm5 and TM31 fans are mixing up for festive tables and gourmet gifting!

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26 June 2012 > best Thermomix sites

Basic Thermomix cooking tips on Cookipedia

from Thermomixing friends at Cookipedia, here’s a handy guide to basic techniques and timing tips for Varoma steaming, cooking rice & pasta, and grinding. (Nifty newbie’s “cheat sheet”)

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22 September 2011 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Part 2: Let’s talk Thermomix with Tenina!

In part 2 of a Skype chat with Australian recipe developer Tenina, I ask the question “If you could prepare a Thermomix meal for anyone in the world, who would it be… ?” (Can you guess the answer?)

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20 September 2011 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Part 1: Let’s talk Thermomix with Tenina!

Everyone knows Tenina Holder simply by her first name because in Australia, “Tenina” is synonymous with “Thermomix”. But what is this mixing maven all about? Have a peek at part 1 of our little chat…

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11 March 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

New Thermomix site launched by Vorwerk

Vorwerk launches new Thermomix site in Germany today with 10 more countries set to roll out later this year. We’re celebrating… but are Thermomix consultants and bloggers still necessary?

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23 February 2011 > best Thermomix sites

Blind cook takes flight with Thermomix

Amanda is a blind blogger using Thermomix to prepare home-cooked meals for the first time. Read along to share the excitement of her successes and find yourself inspired as Amanda meets new challenges…

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29 January 2011 > best Thermomix sites

Madame Thermomix entertains from Surrey, UK!

Why is Thermomix so much fun for home cooks and professional chefs in the UK? Just ask “Madame Thermomix” — possible the UK’s liveliest and most entertaining Thermomix fan!

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14 November 2010 > best Thermomix sites

Hooray for Zan’s Thermomix Meals

A new Thermomix blog that deserves kudos for being consistent, succinct, and reliable. Especially helpful for those investigating Thermomix before buying: to see how one very busy mom uses her super kitchen machine on a daily basis.

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14 September 2010 > best Thermomix sites

Top sites for Thermomix recipes and tips

(updated April 2015) With so many new Thermomix recipe blogs how do we know which ones to follow? Here’s an easy starting point — best sites for Thermomix TM5 recipes and TM31 support — by passionate Thermomix fans like us. Bookmark it or pin it now!

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12 September 2010 > best Thermomix sites, Recipe Index, Recipes

Thermomix recipes to try next

Find links to interesting Thermomix recipes from around the world. Use these ideas to break out of your routine and have more fun with sweet and savoury inspirations.

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12 September 2010 > Recipe Index, Recipes

recommended Thermomix recipes: SAVOURY

Recommended savoury recipes from the best Thermomix bloggers around the world. A wide ranging assortment of inspiring ideas that are NOT sweet.

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12 September 2010 > Recipe Index, Recipes

recommended Thermomix recipes: SWEET

Recommended sweet recipes from the best Thermomix bloggers around the world. A wide ranging assortment of inspiring ideas.

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30 June 2010 > best Thermomix sites

The British Larder: Thermomix Inspiration from a Chef

If you haven’t visited The British Larder yet, you are missing a lot! This blog by a Thermomix-using professional chef is as gorgeous as it is inspiring. Highly enjoyable and educational for novice and experts alike.

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30 April 2010 > best Thermomix sites

How to find Thermomix recipes from around the world?

Discover fun links to Thermomix blogs around the world! Includes Bimby blogs in Spain, Portugal, France, Israel, and other countries too. Is there a blog we haven’t listed yet? Tell us about it!

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24 April 2010 > best Thermomix sites

Visit Tebasile’s Kitchen for healthier Thermomix recipes

It’s a growing resource for raw, vegan, and vegetarian recipes that are creative, easy, and elegant. Tebasile has a knack for simplicity and this makes her blog a popular destination for those of us using Thermomix for health reasons. Check it out now!

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