28 August 2011 > Blog

a Shopper’s Guide for Thermomix Kitchens

Who knows about the best tools for a Thermomix kitchen? It’s the people who read this blog, that’s who! Come on in, tell us your ideas and shop from the suggestions of others via Amazon. (Helps support SuperKitchenMachine.)

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23 August 2011 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Thermomix Sorbet Recipe: fresh and refreshing basil and lemon

What happens when basil combines with lemon and sugar in the Thermomix kitchen machine? It’s a refreshingly grown-up and simply amazing treat. Get ready to astonish your friends and impress yourself!

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14 August 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

Thermomix controversy in British House of Commons

It’s no joke! According to the Daily Mail (UK) a serious case of “Thermomix lust” is the source of unrest at the British House of Commons. This stranger-than-fiction caper involves credit cards, Thermomix, and men in tights.

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05 August 2011 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Coconut Milk in Thermomix Lemon Custard Recipe

Use the super kitchen machine to make Lemon Custard that is dairy-free AND saves money too!

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19 July 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

Justice served: greedy Thermomix thief behind bars!

Justice was served in Germany today as a 37-year old Thermomix thief was sentenced in a Vorwerk Wuppertal robbery. The charge from 2009 involved an escape boat, a girl, an engraving machine, and the …

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17 July 2011 > Just for fun

Video news: Man eats his words at Thermomix dinner (!)

Caught on camera, one wine-loving Australian eats his words and declares a new-found appreciation for better meals prepared with Thermomix.

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16 July 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

SuperLiving does super Thermomix review

A super review about the super kitchen machine from SuperLiving (Australia). What makes this review special? It’s the “the full meal deal” — a two-week long experiment that tests one couple’s abiility to cope without their usual culinary comforts…

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15 July 2011 > Make your own ingredients

Make your own COCONUT MILK for super savings!

Save big money on coconut milk — make your own with Thermomix and save 85%. Thanks to “Fast and Easy Indian Cooking” for three easy methods.

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11 July 2011 > Basic functions explained

Thermomix designed for fast & easy blade removal

A wee wordless video that is testament to the design simplicity of the TM31. Want to take Thermomix apart? We can do it swiftly and easily — with just one hand.

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03 July 2011 > Blog, Uncategorized

What is a Thermomix demo and where do I get one?

Have you just heard about Thermomix? Are you wondering what happens at a kitchen machine demo? Are you nervous to ask… and even more nervous to find out? This page is for you!

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27 June 2011 > Recipes, Uncategorized

Thermomix Hummingbird Food Recipe (Nectar)

It’s easier than ever to feed our wee feathered friends and keep them coming back. Now we can make a fresh batch of hummingbird nectar while checking email or taking a shower. That’s so easy, it’s almost scandalous!

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22 June 2011 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Easy lower-sugar Zabaglione (Sabayon)

What makes a great classic dessert even better? When we can eat it without guilt!

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18 June 2011 > Tips & Techniques

video: How to beat egg whites

Elegant short video from Thermomix Brazil that demonstrates (without using words) how to beat egg whites with Thermomix. Good basic technique to know about, especially helpful for new Thermomix owners.

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09 June 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

about the Vorwerk Thermomix Division Annual Report 2010

The Vorwerk Annual Report (2010) contains interesting information about Thermomix for current fans and for those who are considering buying a Thermomix. Even if you don’t usually like numbers, you might like these!

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06 June 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

more fun with Thermomix: Veggie Spirals

Here we use the power of Thermomix to have more fun with vegetables. Too easy — and we can add a filling of choice to suit any season or occasion!

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06 June 2011 > Make your own ingredients

Use Varoma to prepare ingredients for Veggie Spirals

Some things are easier with Varoma! Here are basic instructions of cooking a trio of different vegetables in preparation for making savoury pancakes for pretty Veggie Spirals.

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31 May 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

PCMag.com recommends Thermomix for BBQ season

Wow, pcmag.com recommends Thermomix as a top tech tool for BBQ season. Nice try, but surely there are Thermomix fans with ideas to contribute (?)

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30 May 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

Big cheers for Thermomix in Cyprus!

Thermomix is a big deal on the island of Cyprus and it’s largely thanks to the initiative of one woman. Today we cheer the accomplishments of Ioanna Pitta!

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26 May 2011 > Recipes, Recipes on video

Cook-along video recipe: Salmon Tikka (UK Thermomix)

A “cook-along” video from UK Thermomix for making Tikka paste from scratch, steaming salmon and beans in the Varoma while rice cooks below. Excellent presentation from an expert.

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22 May 2011 > Thermomix in the news!

Australia’s Top Thermomix demonstrator in the news!

Australia’s Rosemary Byrne is a trend-setter who has made a business from her passion for Thermomix. And it seems she is not alone…

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19 May 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Asparagus Pesto

A surprising green gem from the people who know asparagus best — the asparagus farmers! This recipe is raw, healthy, and super fast.

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