16 September 2012 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

video: Vorwerk Thermomix factory keeps growing!

A fresh peek inside the world’s only Thermomix production facility. With demands and sales always increasing, the French factory must plan for growth. Did you know there is one Thermomix sold every …

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15 September 2012 > Tips & Techniques

Video: Soup-making Tips from Thermomix Australia

Basic techniques for making soups from Thermomix Australia. Short video offers a straightforward introduction for new owners of the super kitchen machine.

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09 September 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Thermomix Chicken Roulade with Quinoa

Get friendly with Varoma for steaming flavour-filled chicken roulade with quinoa as the white wine sauce cooks itself in the jug below. An adaptable lunch meal from Mara’s Spanish table.

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19 August 2012 > Snacks & Parties

Tunisian Eggplant Caponata, Thermomix Recipe

Extremely popular at parties and home, this Thermomix version updates a classic eggplant appy recipe by Mollie Katzen (Still Life with Menu, USA). Make plenty because people have been known to steal this!

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12 August 2012 > Basic functions explained, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

video: Thermomix Risotto with Don Genova

Cook along to make easy, perfect Thermomix Risotto with Don Genova. Step-by-step video instructions and great explanations of how the super kitchen machine helps make successful Asparagus Risotto every time.

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23 July 2012 > Recipes on video

Alvin Quah Recipe: Thermomix Kangaroo Curry

MasterChef AU finalist from season two, Alvin Quah continues to be a well-recognized audience favorite. Here he deftly uses Thermomix to make a kangaroo curry for this re-issued video from Thermomix Australia.

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20 July 2012 > Uncategorized

Global fan wins “For Food’s Sake” Thermomix Cookbook

See which global Thermomix fan wins the hard-to-get, sold out first edition cookbook “For Food’s Sake” by Tenina.

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19 July 2012 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

video tutorial: How to make butter with Thermomix

Meet Thermovixens Megs and Cass in a helpful tutorial demonstration for how to make butter at home with Thermomix. Helpful tips on storing and making healthy, spreadable butter.

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16 July 2012 > Uncategorized

Global giveaway prize: “For Food’s Sake” by Tenina!

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Did someone say “international giveaway for the most popular cookbook by Tenina?”. You bet! ‘For Food’s Sake’ is sold out in Australia, but publisher Hub & Spoke is giving away a rare copy on this blog. Jump in for some global fun!

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14 July 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Recipes on video

Tenina’s Pecan Dacquoise with Orange Chocolate Cream

Tenina does decadent on the global screen. Get the full recipe plus plenty of Thermomix cooking tips from the expert as she makes aromatic sugars, a gorgeous meringue, filling and ganache – all done with flair.

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14 July 2012 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video

Tenina’s Umami Paste Recipe on the global screen!

Tenina hits the global screen to share her world-famous Umami paste recipe. The full recipe is demonstrated on YouTube for Thermomix fans by thermal cooking’s best-loved recipe developer extraordinaire.

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13 July 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake Recipe, by Mara

This no-flour chocolate cake is a favorite at Mara’s house in Madrid. It’s moist and decadent and wonderfully gluten-free. Dress it up or serve it casually with a spoon and whipped cream — either way it’s always delicious!

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26 June 2012 > best Thermomix sites

Basic Thermomix cooking tips on Cookipedia

from Thermomixing friends at Cookipedia, here’s a handy guide to basic techniques and timing tips for Varoma steaming, cooking rice & pasta, and grinding. (Nifty newbie’s “cheat sheet”)

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23 June 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Instant Ginger Jam Recipe (just add water & Thermomix!)

Cooking with Thermomix doesn’t get any easier than this. It’s a one ingredient (plus water) Thermomix recipe for a tasty and versatile jam you can use all day long and tweak to your heart’s content. Ginger lovers unite!

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03 June 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Easy pea-sy three-ingredient Thermomix soup recipe, by Mara

What’s quick ‘n simple and green as green can be? It’s Mara’s Thermomix “easy peasy” soup. An elegant recipe that can be dressed up as little or as much as you like — this one is always a hit!

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09 May 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Suquet: a saucy Spanish seafood tradition, by Mara

A traditional saucy seafood stew from Spain that is rich with colour, texture, and layers of flavour. By special request, it’s been adapted here for Thermomix by Mara (Madrid). Feast your eyes on a recipe that will rock your Thermomix AND Varoma!

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06 May 2012 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video

video: Easy family-size mayonnaise recipe by Tracie

Don’t be intimidated by the thought of making your own mayonnaise! Watch as new Thermomix owner Tracie (Australia) easily whips up a family-sized batch that’s perfect for Thermomix beginners.

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16 April 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

How to make macarons with Thermomix, by Mara

Mara has been making macarons for longer than most of us have known the word “Thermomix”. With all that practice, she now makes them perfectly… and prettily. See how she does it!

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14 April 2012 > Blog

Mara’s Thermomix Recipes

There’s a fresh face and a fresh perspective on SuperKitchenMachine. Mara is passionate, experienced and from Spain — the heartland of Thermomix. Let’s welcome Mara!

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07 April 2012 > Blog

NEW Thermomix Cookbook giveaway won by Mara

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! A virtual Easter egg hunt with a sweet prize: new international cookbook “The Best of Our Recipe Communities”. Thanks to all who played along!

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04 April 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas

Easter Lamb Cake Recipe

Vintage cake mold meets modern kitchen appliance for traditional baked Easter Lamb recipe.

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