26 December 2013 > Thermomix in the news!

Wall Street Journal confuses Thermomix in USA issue

Thermomix loves attention, but today’s syndicated article in Wall Street Journal creates confusion where it’s not needed… with people who want to buy Thermomix in USA.

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16 December 2013 > best Thermomix sites, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Healthy Thermomix Recipes: cook along with Bec!

Watch and cook-along with new Thermomix owner Bec (and family) in Melbourne learning to use her super kitchen machine while preparing healthy Thermomix recipes and and allergy-friendly foods. Plenty of healthy tips and smiles!

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01 December 2013 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Thermomix in the news!

new ebook: Thermomix breakfast recipes from Tenina

Remember what it was like to be young? We enjoyed mornings! So be kind to yourself… grab some Thermomix breakfast recipes for everyday and special days too. Quick and easy to download, and utterly reliable because they’re from Tenina.

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28 November 2013 > Thermomix in the news!

Hiring Thermomix social media team! Changes ahead?

Thermomix International hires a social media gurus to build new online presence. What does this mean for the world of Thermomix as we know it? Yes, the times they are a changing….

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16 November 2013 > best Thermomix sites, Delicious Dessert Ideas

I love Chocolate, I love Thermomix Cookbook Giveaway

Thermomix cookbook breaks the mould! Janie Turner (Thermomix UK) adapts recipes and tips from Master Chocolatiers. Extremely thorough and confidence-building for all chocoholic Thermomix fans. Enter to win a copy!

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07 November 2013 > Breads, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Cranberry Ginger Thermomix Scones

Chunky flavour-filled scones make any day taste like a special occasion. Bake this easy feel-good recipe on a regular week-day morning and share the extras at work or school!

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30 October 2013 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Thermomix YouTube channel launched! What to watch?

Hello to the new, OFFICIAL Thermomix YouTube channel! Shiny new channel, shiny new videos and a fresh peek inside the factory that supplies our fave kitchen machine to 60 countries around the world…

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20 October 2013 > Thermomix in the news!

Thermomix ebook & cookbook: Quick fix every occasion

The new Quick Fix Every Occasion makes it easier than ever to enjoy special meals. Inspiring recipes, superb organization, and fab photos plus the convenience of an ebook format from iTunes. Cheers!

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08 September 2013 > Tips & Techniques

Quirky Cooking video tips for new Thermomix owners

Helpful tips from one of Australia’s premier Thermomix consultants — Jo Whitton of Quirky cooking. Thanks to Louise D’Allura for this: a must-see video for new Thermomix owners.

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04 September 2013 > Blog

Kribbitt ipad stand GIVEAWAY: 4 prizes won!

There’s a new colour in the Kribbitt family and we’re celebrating with a fabulous four-prize giveaway! If you haven’t met Kribbitt yet, this is your chance to get cozy with the cook’s fave iPad and tablet stand.

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01 September 2013 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Non-traditional Thermomix Gazpacho recipe

This super easy gazpacho has a smoked tea twist that makes it an unconventional winner. Everything else remains the same — well, almost everything…

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15 August 2013 > Make your own ingredients

Pomegranate Molasses: a Thermomix ruby reduction

Try this special ruby topping and watch any dish turn into a festive one. Simple to make from three basic ingredients. (No molasses needed!) Great on pancakes, parfaits, ice cream and…

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06 August 2013 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Recipes on video

Chicken Chorizo Stew by MasterChef AU’s Julie Goodwin

Cook along with Thermomix ambassador Julie Goodwin (MasterChef winner 2009) and fill your house with heady aromas of this Spanish inspired Chicken Chorizo stew.

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01 July 2013 > Thermomix in the news!

Will Thermomix succeed with MasterChef Canada?

It’s a golden opportunity for Thermomix. Could our fave kitchen machine play in the kitchen of MasterChef Canada? Will we follow the trend of Thermomix Australia and make Thermomix a household name in Canada too???

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23 June 2013 > Recipes on video

Dani Valent’s Beef Stir-Fry (Thermomix Recipe video)

Video cook-along for Thermomix beef stir fry uses Varoma for a full meal preparation. Expert demo by ‘in the mix’ cookbook authour Dani Valent.

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31 May 2013 > Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Chef’s Almond Milk Rice Pudding with Rhubarb & Rose

Chef Matt Stone from The Greenhouse in Perth demonstrates a Thermomix almond milk recipe for rustic rice pudding with poached rhubard and floral notes.

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04 May 2013 > Thermomix in the news!

listen up: new Thermomix podcast by the 4 Blades

Open your ears to a snappy new podcast about Thermomix by Rebecca and Joe Winston of Brisbane Australia. Hear the story that brought them to Thermomix, fave recipes, tips and …

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25 April 2013 > Blog

5 surprises: a Food Bloggers of Canada Conference Trip

What happens when a Thermomix-loving blogger visits Toronto for the first Food Bloggers of Canada conference? Ice storming, a foodie conference, Thermo mix-ups, Momofuku and…

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04 April 2013 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Thermomix Mayonnaise Recipe & Yogurt Dressing

Helpful video from Thermomix Australia clearly demonstrates how easy it is to make Thermomix mayonnaise from scratch. If you haven’t tried it yet, this will do the trick!

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24 March 2013 > Breads

One-minute Thermomix Dutch Oven bread

Your most impressive best Thermomix bread can be made in just one minute. Guaranteed to change the way you think about bread. Just add butter!

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18 March 2013 > Thermomix in the news!

Measures of success for Thermomix Australia and Spain

Thermomix brought success for cooks and sales representatives in Australia and Spain during 2012. What more can we learn by comparing the numbers?

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