03 November 2009 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Making Yogurt & Yogurt Cheese

Valerie, A Canadian Foodie in Edmonton, does a super job of teaching the basics of making yogurt with Thermomix and THEN she shares her secret technique for making Spicy Yogurt Cheese Balls.

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03 November 2009 > Recipes on video

Thermomix Yogurt Cheese Balls

Valerie in Edmonton takes her Thermomix skills to the next level by sharing the secrets of making Marinated Yogurt Cheese Balls – using yogurt cheese made by Thermomix!

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01 November 2009 > Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Steamed Salmon Bundles

This “slideo” (enhanced slideshow) demonstrates a variation on a recipe from the Thermomix “Full Steam Ahead” cookbook. Steamed Salmon Bundles uses the Varoma and the lower bowl simultaneously, for delicious energy-efficient cooking.

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01 November 2009 > Basic functions explained, Tips & Techniques

How to Peel Garlic with Thermomix

Is it true you can peel garlic by Thermomix — or is this a culinary myth? Find out by watching a “slideo” from the home kitchen of our resident blogger and most Frugal Fan.

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30 October 2009 > Blog

A Bimby Kitchen Diary (October 2009)

What did we cook in October 2009? Bacon Popcorn, La Mayonnaise, Basic Bimby Bread, Cheatin’ Pecan Pie… Did Bimby earn its keep? Get a sneak peek at exactly how and how often we use Thermomix at home.

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26 October 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Simply Satisfying Leek Soup with Mini Gnocchi

Feel free to use this recipe as a springboard for your culinary creativity. I improvised and didn’t keep precise notes, so treat this as a “suggestion” for your own version of a spirit-warming soup, whenever the need arises.

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23 October 2009 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Recipes on video

Cheatin’ Pecan Pie

A deliciously simple recipe that comes with options! Add a Nutella-like ganache for special occasions. Happy Birthday anyone?

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21 October 2009 > Blog

Thermomix at home: photos from around the world!

Who else uses Thermomix? Take a peek into our gallery of Bimby photos from Thermomix fans around the world. Then add your own photo to the gallery. It’s easy!

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15 October 2009 > Blog

letter to a friend

My letter to a friend who just bought a Thermomix without the benefit of a hands-on trial (or ever having seen a real live Bimby!). She’s in for a fun time when the box arrives at her farmhouse door this afternoon, so I sent a few tips go get things started…

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13 October 2009 > Snacks & Parties

Bacon Popcorn? Yes!

A fun-filled (and successful!) attempt at making bacon popcorn inspired by a recent blog post at The British Larder. The original recipe calls for Wild Boar Bacon, but we did just fine with the Canadian store-bought option on hand.

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13 October 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Delicious Dessert Ideas, Recipes

Festive Holiday Recipes with Thermomix

Your holiday cooking stress load will be lighter and the meals more memorable when Bimby is part of the menu planning. To get things started we offer these helpful links for impressive, tried and tested holiday recipes:

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12 October 2009 > best Thermomix sites

forumthermomix.com – or – “How many Aussies can you fit into a Thermomix forum?”

Check it out so see why ForumThermomix is the most comprehensive website for all things Thermomix in the English language. This busy forum is made up of a stellar bunch of friendly, supportive Australians who…

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08 October 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Recipes on video

Enhanced Carrot Soup

Watch this short snappy ‘slideo’ for a simple and delicious Thermomix Carrot Soup that is enhanced by the addition of chicken.

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06 October 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Tomato-Rosemary Surprise Soup

Improvised from a recipe of another time and place. I remember it to be so very different from every other tomato soup I had ever loved before. It had a magical effect on all who ate it, and then one day I heard the waitress explain to a customer that it was all…

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06 October 2009 > Make your own ingredients

Herbed Garlic Butter for Bimby Bread

Herbed Garlic Butter is always readily devoured by friends of all ages at a party or gathering. Start by making your own butter from cream, and you’ll be all the more smug as guests lick their fingers in delight and appreciation.

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04 October 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Delicious Dessert Ideas

“Because We Can” Cocoa-Coffee

If you use cream instead of milk, you’ll be wowed. You can imagine yourself on a Mexican terrace, drinking in the aromas of liquid chocolate. Or, do as I do and remember the days of …

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03 October 2009 > Blog

How Green is Thermomix?

It’s not only Thermomix users who love the environmentally beneficial attributes of the TM31 — we’re heard that the offices of Hydro Tasmania use Thermomix as a shining example of energy-efficient cooking because of its many unique attributes.

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01 October 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Bimby Billy’s Raw Oatmeal

For breakfast this morning I decided to try making raw oatmeal in the Thermomix. It was delicious and tasted better than any cooked oatmeal I have ever tried. It was also very simple to make.

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01 October 2009 > Thermomix in the news!

Which chefs use Thermomix in best restaurant kitchens?

What do chefs Thomas Keller, Ferran Adria, Alain Ducasses, Michael Bonacini and Tracey Black have in common? All use Thermomix. If you are a chef with Thermomix in your kitchen, submit your name to this hotlist of restaurants!

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01 October 2009 > Thermomix in the news!

TM31 wins International reddot Design Award

Those who use it already know it to be a winner. Read why the international team of jurors from the highly-coveted reddot awards also judged Thermomix a winner in the category for household appliances.

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30 September 2009 > Blog

A Bimby Kitchen Diary (September 2009)

What did we cook in September when Thermomix had just arrived? What did we struggle with and how did we fare? See just how often the Bimby was used in our kitchen during its first days home.

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