Why do people buy it?

There are many reasons people buy Thermomix.

When speaking with other Thermomix/Bimby fans we hear some reasons repeated often, and we each have our own reasons too. Some of us, (like ThermomixBlogger Helene), have no idea why we bought Thermomix… we may even have fought against the notion of using a gadget to help prepare good food well.  And some of us just had a feeling that we couldn’t live without it.  For some, there was some intuition about how Thermomix might give us more time and space in the kitchen, and for others, it was the promise of better, healthier meals.

Some of us just really like gadgets. And some of us thoroughly enjoy working with high-quality, well-designed, purposeful, productive, powerful,  solid, state-of-the-art tools.

Most of us had no idea before buying, that the machine would bring so much new fun into our kitchen and into our lives. Yet, despite objections from friends and family members about its cost, we knew it was a good fit for us in some way. We probably didn’t expect it to inspire us to more creativity, inspire us to reading more recipes by friendly strangers online, inspire the trepidatious among us cook without recipes at all! Most of us had no idea before buying, that we would use the Bimby as often as we do. We had no premonition of the many wonderful, exciting new culinary adventures we could jump into with the newfound culinary confidence and freedom Thermomix bring us.

This sounds like a sales pitch but it’s not. We speak from a place of passion for the machine we use most in the kitchen. We who use it and know it are stunned that Thermomix is not a household name in North America, but we believe the day will come when its popularity on this continent will rival that of our global neighbors. (In some places, Thermomix is the most sought-after wedding gift.)

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