Where to buy Thermomix in USA

Thermomix in USA? Coming soon!

Like you, there are many avid cooks who visit this blog every day looking for information about how to buy Thermomix in USA.  The good news is that after many years of Thermomix being sold in other countries, the super kitchen machine is due to begin selling in USA in late 2015.

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This website does not sell Thermomix but we love use love this machine and are happy to help out. The form below will answer any questions you might have about availability of Thermomix in USA, the new TM5 model, or how Thermomix might fit into your lifestyle or kitchen.

Fill this out and be first to hear about the launch of Thermomix in USA… you might even be first on your block (or in your state!) to own the super kitchen machine ;-)

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where to buy Thermomix in USA