Where to buy Thermomix

People around the world want to know

Where to buy Thermomix!

– Where can I buy Thermomix in Australia?
– Where do I get Thermomix in Ontario, or Montreal Canada?)
– Can I buy Thermomix in USA ???
– How can I buy Thermomix in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore?
– Where can I buy Thermomix in London, Ireland, or South Africa?
where_to_buy_thermomix– How can I order a Thermomix?
Where to buy a used Thermomix?
What is the price of Thermomix?

This specialty kitchen machine is not sold online or in stores. The new Thermomix TM5 is only available from authorized advisor/consultants around the world.

The Thermomix kitchen machine is an outstanding culinary tool and this blog endorses it completely but SuperKitchenMachine.com does not sell Thermomix. Please follow links above to find a representative in your area.
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