Design / Specifications

Thermomix holds multiple design patents worldwide. There is no other machine like it.

Forty (40!) years of German engineering and key proprietary know-how have produced a kitchen appliance that has no rival.  The TM31 was designed by a team of 120 engineers and 800 advisers, and won the prestigious international Reddot product design prize in 2005.

Model: TM31 (the fourth generation)
Specifications below are for the North American model.

Voltage: AC 110V – 120V 60HZ (This model specifically designed for North American electrical standards. )

Motor: 400 Watts rated power, maintenance free Vorwerk reluctance motor,  speed continuously adjustable from 100 – 10,200 revolutions per minute (plus Gentle stirring mode of 40 rpm),  special speed setting (alternating mode) for dough preparation,  electronic motor protection to prevent overload. Gearless motor has unlimited life expectancy.

Heating System: 900 watts maximum power consumption — protected against overheating. Temperature selected by push buttons set to 37C, 50C, 60C 70C 80C, 90C, 100C, and steam.  Actual temperature of mixing bowl is indicated by intuitive colored lights.

Housing: High-quality plastic material, smooth curves easily cleaned with damp cloth, neutral color matches any decor, no sharp corners or gaps to collect germs and harmful bacteria

Integrated Digital Scale: 5-100 g in 5 g increments, 100 – 2000 g in 10 g increments (to max 6kg)

Mixing Bowl: capacity 2 litres,  surgical stainless steel, with heating system and temperature sensor integrated

Blades: Solingen  steel, with heating system and temperature sensor integrated

Lid , Handle, Varoma (steamer), Basket, Butterfly, Spatula: made of durable, heat resistant food-grade plastic according to stringent European standards. Ergonomically superior.

Weight: 6 lbs or 3 kg

Height: 30cm

Width: 28.5 cm

Depth: 28.5 cm (excl. Varoma)

Precise temperature control and constant movement evenly distribute heat for extremely efficient cooking.  Time, temperature, speed, and weight are the four controllable functions of the Thermomix that combine to create endless possibilities.