Who uses Thermomix?

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Thermomix is popular with:

  • Home cooks Dads, Moms, teens, and younger kids who enjoy cooking together with more fun and success.  Singles, busy people, and active folks with little time.
  • Foodists – Food lovers, food bloggers, people who entertain & creative sensualists who simply cook for fun! Everyone enjoys the satisfaction of more flavorful food, prepared with less effort, more efficiently. This frees up time for additional culinary exploits! Now we can prepare even more dishes at once. Why not?
  • Chefs & Restaurateurs – For all aspects of precision cooking, Thermomix performs like nothing else. Labour-saving, time-saving, flawless, predictable, guaranteed results.
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  • Celiac Disease, Colitis sufferers, others on specialty diets – can use Thermomix to make rice flour, soy flour, rice and nut milks at home, create gluten-free foods with variety and flair.  See examples >
  • Reluctant cooks – Insecure cooks will have enormous success and impress themselves in short time! The Thermomix is known to enable “average cooks to become great cooks!”
  • Students – New cooks, dorm dwellers, thrifty shoppers, late-night eaters, people who don’t like washing dishes…
  • Boaters/RV owners – Thermomix is the smallest most portable, most multi-functional kitchen, perfect for smaller spaces.
  • Bakers – Commercial or home-based bread bakers can free time and save labour by letting Thermomix do the kneading. Cake artists, dessert lovers, and those who grind their own grains into flour enjoy easy, surprising results. See chef testimonials  >
  • Caterers – Anyone cooking to impress large groups will save time and much labour, leaving you free to do other important tasks in the moment.  See chef testimonials  >
  • New parents – Make easy baby foods, toddler foods, natural foods, specialty/allergy diets, and play-dough too.
  • Chocolatiers – Specialty chefs who need accurate temperature control to measure, warm, hold and stabilize heat, emulsify, render, reduce. See chef testimonials  >
  • Raw foodists – For warming foods to specific temperatures without destroying enzymes, for grinding, mixing, and achieving textures that defy traditionally-available methods. See examples  >
  • Environmentalists – For reducing the consumer footprint where one appliance does the work of many, using less energy to prepare meals (steaming while boiling etc.) and one-pot minimalist zen cuisine. A very green kitchen appliance >
  • Bartenders – Make impressively smooth and well-blended combinations, take your creativity to the next level.
  • Condo owners – Who says you can’t have a gourmet kitchen in a condo? Add a Thermomix to increase storage space, for clean clear counter-tops without visual clutter, for needing fewer pots and pans. For impressive entertaining in smaller spaces.
  • Farmers, gardeners – Those who enjoy using natural ingredients for healthier eating will appreciate the many functions and easy cleaning that make Thermomix so very usable.
  • Wedding Planners – We’re told Thermomix is one the most sought-after wedding gifts in Europe. Be ahead of the trend in North America – offer something special – put it on your wedding wish-lists!
  • Busy people – People who want to do something else while food cooks itself and then spend less time cleaning pots & pans. For those who enjoy entertaining, Thermomix frees time for hosts to be with guests, while producing meals with impressive results. (Remember — it cleans itself!)