Thermomix cleaning tips

Thermomix cleaning photos

Whether you own a new Thermomix TM5 or the popular TM31, ease of Thermomix cleaning is one big reason we enjoy using this machine more than any other tool in the kitchen.

People say Thermomix cleans itself but is this really true?

Yes, Thermomix washes itself. How?

1) remove food from bowl
2) cover blades with water & add a squirt of dish soap
3) pulse on turbo for a few seconds as needed, followed with a quick rinse! 

Can Thermomix go in the dishwasher??
All parts of TM31 model are dishwasher-safe, except for the white motor base that sits on your counter.  Many Thermomix owners use the machine several times per day and only turn on the dishwasher once each day. So for this reason, it makes sense to swish the stainless steel jug clean using the above method and allow to air dry so it’s always ready to go on the next task (rather than hiding it in a dirty dishwasher!)

More Thermomix cleaning tips:

Bonus! Thermomix can even dry itself.
This tip was told to me by a Thermomix consultant. Just insert a tea towel and run for a few seconds on REVERSE speed 2. Voila!

Stainless steel is so nice and easy to clean up. Much different than plastic. The entire Thermomix machine is built without sharp edges or corners, so even accidental spills are a breeze to clean up. That’s all part of the award-winning design.