What is “Bimby”?

People who don’t yet own a Thermomix often hear the word “Bimby” associated with it and wonder what this means.

Q: What does “Bimby” mean?

A: The super kitchen machine has two names: Thermomix and Bimby
Thermomix is the official registered trademark name for our favorite kitchen machine, but in some countries, it also carries the name “Bimby”. (Pronounced bim-bee)

Bimby is a registered trademark for Thermomix in Portugal and in Italy,  due to the fact that the name “Thermomix” was already registered to another home appliance in those countries.  Since Portugal and Italy are countries where Thermomix is most popular, this friendly name has spread in even beyond those borders. For Thermomix fans around the world, the two names are interchangeable.

Thermomix may be its official name, but Bimby is its friendly nickname. Millions of Thermomix users like to refer to this helpful kitchen appliance as their Bimby, and so do we!