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and Thermie makes three? (Thermomix video proposal)

Who could say ‘no’ to this fun little video? Serge’s surprise is just the thing for dedicated Thermomix lovers everywhere. Let’s hope this starts a trend!

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16 November 2012 > Uncategorized

Congratulations — two BIGGEST GIVEAWAY winners!

Congratulations to two Thermomix fans who contributed gift recipe ideas to win big. Who are the lucky winners?

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20 July 2012 > Uncategorized

Global fan wins “For Food’s Sake” Thermomix Cookbook

See which global Thermomix fan wins the hard-to-get, sold out first edition cookbook “For Food’s Sake” by Tenina.

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16 July 2012 > Uncategorized

Global giveaway prize: “For Food’s Sake” by Tenina!

CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED! Did someone say “international giveaway for the most popular cookbook by Tenina?”. You bet! ‘For Food’s Sake’ is sold out in Australia, but publisher Hub & Spoke is giving away a rare copy on this blog. Jump in for some global fun!

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03 July 2011 > Blog, Uncategorized

What is a Thermomix demo and where do I get one?

Have you just heard about Thermomix? Are you wondering what happens at a kitchen machine demo? Are you nervous to ask… and even more nervous to find out? This page is for you!

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27 June 2011 > Recipes, Uncategorized

Thermomix Hummingbird Food Recipe (Nectar)

It’s easier than ever to feed our wee feathered friends and keep them coming back. Now we can make a fresh batch of hummingbird nectar while checking email or taking a shower. That’s so easy, it’s almost scandalous!

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06 December 2010 > Blog, Uncategorized

Giveaway of Trudeau Glasses for Thermomix fans!

Double-walled glasses are perfect for serving frozen Thermomix treats in hot weather. This next prize/giveaway will be much appreciated by like-minded Thermomix cooks. Find out how to play and win!

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04 December 2010 > Blog, Uncategorized

Ten Easy Gift Ideas for Thermomix fans

Ten simple gift ideas and Thermomix accessories for kitchens around the world. Nothing too fancy or unrealistic. Just a few pertinent and practical home-cooked recommendations for like-minded fans.

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02 December 2010 > Blog, Uncategorized

Double-walled glasses for Thermomix kitchens

We borrow a super practical idea from our coffee-loving friends. See what double-walled glassware has to offer for the Thermomix kitchen, and how a simple little glass can make life more fun.

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01 December 2010 > Blog, Uncategorized

And the winner of the NOMA prize giveaway is …

Once again… we have a winner! A winning Thermomix comment has been chosen by random draw for Rene Redzepi’s NOMA book from Phaidon Press. Congratulations to…

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05 September 2010 > Blog, Uncategorized

What is wrong with this (Thermomix) picture?

SuperKitchenMachine is popular with people from around the world who are researching Thermomix. But this snapshot of recent blog statistics clearly shows that something is amiss…

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28 May 2010 > Uncategorized

Calling lovers of liverwurst for a (lol) recipe project!

Thermomix fans who are lol (Lovers of Liverwurst) need your help. Is it possible to make liverwurst at home with Thermomix? With a little help from our friends, we’re going have fun finding out the answer ;)

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26 March 2010 > Uncategorized

Why are Thermomix demonstrators important?

What is the role of Thermomix consultant? Did you have a positive experience with a Thermomix consultant in Australia, England, Europe? It’s time for kudos.

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20 March 2010 > Uncategorized

“Official Thermomix Rezeptwelt” features a recipe from SuperKitchenMachine

It’s a happy day when this unofficial little fan blog gets a nod of approval from the Official Vorwerk Recipe site. Vielen Dank Rezpetwelt! Glad you liked the Thai Soup recipe enough to translate it — this makes life more fun for German Thermomix fans.

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01 January 2010 > Blog, Recipes, Uncategorized

Happy Thermomix New Year!

Thoughts about family, food, and a really super kitchen machine that made this blogger’s festivities a whole lot more fun this year. How about YOU? Did you have a “Merry Thermomix Christmas?” and are you having a “Happy Thermomix New Year?”

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30 August 2009 > Uncategorized

who is Bimby Billy?

“Bimby Billy” is a resident blogger on this site. He is a Bimby fan motivated by a desire for overall wellness, a healthy lifestyle focused on prevention, and the desire for a happy comfortable long life.

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