16 December 2012 > Snacks & Parties

White Chocolate & Baileys Festive Fudge Recipe

Creamy white chocolate fudge with pistachios, Craisins, and Baileys. This easy Thermomix recipe is not too sweet and perfect for festive occasions. Important notes added for 2013!

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20 November 2012 > Snacks & Parties

Salted Dark Chocolate Bacon Bark

Separate the men from the boys by serving salted Chocolate Bacon Bark at your next gathering. Don’t be surprised if you find Granny with her hand in the chocolate jar either. We find this salty-sweet treat is making new friends in surprising places ;-)

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05 October 2012 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Recipes on video, Snacks & Parties, Tips & Techniques

How to make healthy chocolate at home with Thermomix

Get ready to cook-along with a Cyndi O’Meara chocolate-making video tutorial. Plenty of healthy options here, from a much-loved Australian nutritionist and ambassador for the super kitchen machine.

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19 August 2012 > Snacks & Parties

Tunisian Eggplant Caponata, Thermomix Recipe

Extremely popular at parties and home, this Thermomix version updates a classic eggplant appy recipe by Mollie Katzen (Still Life with Menu, USA). Make plenty because people have been known to steal this!

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23 June 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Instant Ginger Jam Recipe (just add water & Thermomix!)

Cooking with Thermomix doesn’t get any easier than this. It’s a one ingredient (plus water) Thermomix recipe for a tasty and versatile jam you can use all day long and tweak to your heart’s content. Ginger lovers unite!

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05 December 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Iced Puff Pastry Recipe

Why use ice water when you can use ice? Harness the power of Thermomix to make quick and easy puff pastry for supreme sweet and savory treats of all kinds!

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13 November 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

Thermomix Polenta makes yummy “Polenta Fries”

Like so many things made by Thermomix, polenta is as easy as it is versatile. If you haven’t played with your polenta lately, now is a good time to sample ultra yummy oven-baked polenta fries.

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06 June 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

more fun with Thermomix: Veggie Spirals

Here we use the power of Thermomix to have more fun with vegetables. Too easy — and we can add a filling of choice to suit any season or occasion!

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12 May 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

Salmon Rillettes

A pretty pink marriage of fresh and smoked salmon that’s elegant yet rustic. Suitable for brunch, lunch and dinner — from casual picnics to posh weddings, this is a “one size fits all” recipe for success.

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10 April 2011 > Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

BACON JAM — two recipes!

It’s a concentrated and versatile sweet ‘n salty treat for committed carnivores and those who love them. (And it’s just a little bit too easy to make with Thermomix.)

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02 April 2011 > Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Instant Ginger Beer

Slight tweaks to the standard Thermomix recipe make for a smooth and creamy “stout” with gingery bite. To those who are serious about ginger, it’s instantly pleasing in less than 60 seconds.

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15 March 2011 > Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Easy Egg Liqueur (Advocaat, Eierlikör)

Whether you call it “egg liqueur”, “Advocaat” or “Eierlikor”, this robust concoction is as easy to make as it is to drink. (And at a much better price too.)

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18 February 2011 > Snacks & Parties

Heston’s Meat Fruit made easy with Thermomix

Make this Master Chef’s recipe at home! Heston’s fanciful Meat Fruit could be the “bad boy” of molecular gastronomic fare. Pretty on the outside with a devilish secret. Seductive, impossible to resist, demands to be devoured and leaves you crying for more.

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13 January 2011 > Snacks & Parties

cheezy oven-baked (or not) Kale Chips recipe!

Kick off your shoes and get ready to boogie because Kale Chips are in the house! Guaranteed to blow your mind. Impossible to eat just one. Crazily devoured by children, parents, and yes — pets alike.

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08 January 2011 > Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Super Easy Capsicum Jam

When a Thermomix blogger in Spain posted a recipe for pepper preserves, it demanded to be tried… and with the addition of hot chilies, this pretty pickled pepper paste pleases palates… perfectly!

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10 December 2010 > Snacks & Parties

Smoked Oyster Party Dip

A quick and easy Thermomix party dip inspired by a popular Canadian cocktail. Grab a celery stick and come celebrate your inner Canuck!

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18 June 2010 > Breads, Snacks & Parties

Tenina’s Easy Thermomix Gluten-Free Crackers

Thermomix Tenina posted a blog recipe for these crackers that proved just a little bit too tempting. Easy, savoury, almondy, and with aromatic rosemary too. Mmmm… they proved even easier and tastier than expected!

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03 May 2010 > Snacks & Parties

Thermomix Chicken Liver Paté Recipe

An all-too-easy and decadent recipe provided by a special guest-blogger in Australia. Chicken livers blended into a seductively smooth party paté with pistachios and brandy. Mmmmm… picnic anyone?

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27 February 2010 > Snacks & Parties

The Blushing Buck (Cocktail Recipe)

Inspired by a made-in-Canada premium gin, this new cocktail recipe is developed for Thermomix fans with a taste for fresh citrus. Try it with brunch to get your blush on!

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25 January 2010 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Delicious Dessert Ideas, Snacks & Parties

Sorta Torta Mascarpone (Is this too good to eat?)

You don’t know Mascarpone until you’ve tried Torta Mascarpone.Two triple cream cheeses combining in a beautiful marriage of the savoury sort. Perfectly complimentary and with a sum greater than its parts. Is this too good?

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15 December 2009 > Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Odette’s Onion Jam (multi-purpose, sweet & salty)

Odette will tell you to hide these onions from the kids because the jar might disappear when your back is turned. From a lifetime of making this recipe, Odette knows “it’s great to take on a picnic!” Who is Odette… and what are her onions all about?

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