25 February 2015 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

How to make Thermomix egg noodles: the healthy pasta alternative

spatzle recipe

Learn to make fun, flavourful German style egg noodles using Thermomix TM5 or TM31. Try this high-protein alternative and you’ll never crave store-bought pasta again!

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01 December 2013 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Thermomix in the news!

new ebook: Thermomix breakfast recipes from Tenina

Remember what it was like to be young? We enjoyed mornings! So be kind to yourself… grab some Thermomix breakfast recipes for everyday and special days too. Quick and easy to download, and utterly reliable because they’re from Tenina.

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07 November 2013 > Breads, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Cranberry Ginger Thermomix Scones

Chunky flavour-filled scones make any day taste like a special occasion. Bake this easy feel-good recipe on a regular week-day morning and share the extras at work or school!

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01 September 2013 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Non-traditional Thermomix Gazpacho recipe

This super easy gazpacho has a smoked tea twist that makes it an unconventional winner. Everything else remains the same — well, almost everything…

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06 August 2013 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Recipes on video

Chicken Chorizo Stew by MasterChef AU’s Julie Goodwin

Cook along with Thermomix ambassador Julie Goodwin (MasterChef winner 2009) and fill your house with heady aromas of this Spanish inspired Chicken Chorizo stew.

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12 November 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Curried Cauliflower and Apple Thermomix Soup Recipe

A full-bodied, full-flavoured soup that gets even better when topped with bacon-fried bagel chips. It’s the perfect combination of comfort and gourmet flavours. Simple, suprising and utterly awesome.

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09 September 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Thermomix Chicken Roulade with Quinoa

Get friendly with Varoma for steaming flavour-filled chicken roulade with quinoa as the white wine sauce cooks itself in the jug below. An adaptable lunch meal from Mara’s Spanish table.

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23 June 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Instant Ginger Jam Recipe (just add water & Thermomix!)

Cooking with Thermomix doesn’t get any easier than this. It’s a one ingredient (plus water) Thermomix recipe for a tasty and versatile jam you can use all day long and tweak to your heart’s content. Ginger lovers unite!

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03 June 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Easy pea-sy three-ingredient Thermomix soup recipe, by Mara

What’s quick ‘n simple and green as green can be? It’s Mara’s Thermomix “easy peasy” soup. An elegant recipe that can be dressed up as little or as much as you like — this one is always a hit!

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09 May 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Suquet: a saucy Spanish seafood tradition, by Mara

A traditional saucy seafood stew from Spain that is rich with colour, texture, and layers of flavour. By special request, it’s been adapted here for Thermomix by Mara (Madrid). Feast your eyes on a recipe that will rock your Thermomix AND Varoma!

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24 February 2012 > Breads, breakfast, lunch, dinner

Raw gluten-free bread recipe (or bake it in the oven!)

This easy raw gluten-free sandwich bread is perfect for families and those who are transitioning to a raw diet. Why? Because it can be baked and/or toasted too. No matter how you slice it, this versatile bread is ideal for sharing with… everyone!

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24 January 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Nigella Lawson & Vegemite Spaghetti for Australia Day

Inspiration for Thermomix meals can come from anywhere. Take for example this Australia Day Pasta recipe inspired by Nigella Lawson (a self-declared Vegemite fan) — perfect for all the saucy, salt-loving Australians who read this blog.

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06 January 2012 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Make your own ingredients

Mock rice: a reverse way to healthier Thermomix meals

Mock rice is a quick and easy trick for turning regular fare into healthier meals. Using the reverse power of Thermomix we get one quarter the calories of regular rice, more protein, and a lower glycemic load. Surprise yourself with the feel-good food of 2012!

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05 December 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Iced Puff Pastry Recipe

Why use ice water when you can use ice? Harness the power of Thermomix to make quick and easy puff pastry for supreme sweet and savory treats of all kinds!

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30 November 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Delicious Dessert Ideas

Thermomix Christmas recipes for festive times

Have you ever wished for extra helping hands to lighten the load at festive times? This is where Thermomix really shines! Here are the best savoury and sweet Thermomix recipes for seasonal menu planning (recently updated for this year!).

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13 November 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

Thermomix Polenta makes yummy “Polenta Fries”

Like so many things made by Thermomix, polenta is as easy as it is versatile. If you haven’t played with your polenta lately, now is a good time to sample ultra yummy oven-baked polenta fries.

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16 October 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Thermomix recipe: Vodka Tomato Sauce

Why add vodka to tomato sauce? Because the alcohol brings out the best in our tomatoes, and cooks off — leaving us to enjoy its subtle lingering presence…

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06 June 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

more fun with Thermomix: Veggie Spirals

Here we use the power of Thermomix to have more fun with vegetables. Too easy — and we can add a filling of choice to suit any season or occasion!

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19 May 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Asparagus Pesto

A surprising green gem from the people who know asparagus best — the asparagus farmers! This recipe is raw, healthy, and super fast.

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12 May 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

Salmon Rillettes

A pretty pink marriage of fresh and smoked salmon that’s elegant yet rustic. Suitable for brunch, lunch and dinner — from casual picnics to posh weddings, this is a “one size fits all” recipe for success.

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07 May 2011 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

Thermomix Poached Eggs (predictably perfect!)

Of course you can cook gorgeous Thermomix poached eggs! Its fast, easy, and always perfect with Thermomix TM5 or TM31 — poached eggs are good comfort food at any time…

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