10 February 2015 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!, Thermomix TM5, Thermomix TM5

Vorwerk video message to customers of Thermomix TM5

Vorwerk factory video

Watch the official “Dear Customers” video response by manufacturer of Thermomix to unprecedented and crippling global demands for the new TM5 model.

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04 October 2014 > Just for fun

Success story: How Thermomix helps a small business

Can you have too many Thermomix machines in one shop? We think not! See how Thermomix helps a small business in Canada to grow production and success.

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30 October 2013 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Thermomix YouTube channel launched! What to watch?

Hello to the new, OFFICIAL Thermomix YouTube channel! Shiny new channel, shiny new videos and a fresh peek inside the factory that supplies our fave kitchen machine to 60 countries around the world…

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29 January 2013 > Just for fun

Spot the Thermomix in best restaurants of master chefs!

Spot the Thermomix in the kitchens of world-class master chefs! It’s not always easy to spot, but there’s much to discover by peeking behind the scenes of best restaurants and chefs Adriano Zumbo, Heston Blumenthal, Rene Redzepi and

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16 September 2012 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

video: Vorwerk Thermomix factory keeps growing!

A fresh peek inside the world’s only Thermomix production facility. With demands and sales always increasing, the French factory must plan for growth. Did you know there is one Thermomix sold every …

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20 March 2012 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Who made your kitchen machine? See inside the Thermomix factory!

What’s different about how Thermomix is made? An article in l’Écho Republicain helps us take a closer look inside the world’s only factory making TM31 kitchen machines.

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11 March 2012 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Video peeks inside world-famous Thermomix factory

Quick — do you know who made your Thermomix? For true fans of Thermomix, it’s a rare treat to see inside the one-and-only Vorwerk factory. (first of two parts that looks under the hood of TMX)

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26 September 2011 > best Thermomix sites, Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Part 3: Let’s talk Thermomix with Tenina!

In the final third of a recent interview with recipe developer Tenina Holder, we find out about her plans for the busy months ahead. Start your Thermomix engines now because we’ll need a head start just to keep up with Tenina’s many projects!

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22 September 2011 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Part 2: Let’s talk Thermomix with Tenina!

In part 2 of a Skype chat with Australian recipe developer Tenina, I ask the question “If you could prepare a Thermomix meal for anyone in the world, who would it be… ?” (Can you guess the answer?)

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20 September 2011 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Part 1: Let’s talk Thermomix with Tenina!

Everyone knows Tenina Holder simply by her first name because in Australia, “Tenina” is synonymous with “Thermomix”. But what is this mixing maven all about? Have a peek at part 1 of our little chat…

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17 July 2011 > Just for fun

Video news: Man eats his words at Thermomix dinner (!)

Caught on camera, one wine-loving Australian eats his words and declares a new-found appreciation for better meals prepared with Thermomix.

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28 February 2011 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

NYC’s Momofuku test lab reveals well-used Thermomix

A first-ever NBC video peek into the secret test lab of America’s best-loved Chef David Chang of New York’s Momofuku. Thermomix appears to well-used by this team of high-level culinary “mistake makers”.

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16 December 2010 > Just for fun

Christmas “music video” for all Thermomix fans!

Happy holiday wishes to Thermomix fans around the world. Get yourself (and your friends!) into the spirit of the season with a home-made video Christmas card from the super kitchen machine.

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21 November 2010 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Mundo Thermomix Espana news updates!

Yes, it’s party time for Thermomix in Madrid. Wish you could be there? Click for a fresh video update plus links to see what you missed!

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07 November 2010 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Thermomix spotting at World Barista Championships

Is Thermomix the barista’s new best friend? Maybe so. Watch this most enlightening video of Thermomix in use at London’s 2010 World Barista Championship as Denmark’s Soren Stiller Markussen prepares his signature drink for a panel of judges.

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30 September 2010 > Just for fun

Thermomix spotting at Redzepi’s Restaurant NOMA

Now heralded as “The World’s Greatest Chef” Rene Redzepi uses Thermomix in the kitchen at restaurant NOMA. Here’s a tiny glimpse into that kitchen — complete with super sexy food presentations.

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16 September 2010 > Just for fun, VIDEOS

Peek into a Thermomix Demo in Adelaide

Thinking about a Thermomix demo? Not quite sure about it? It’s easy! Just watch this video snippet of a tasty, relaxed Thermomix demo in Adelaide, Australia. (See how these people were all having fun?)

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26 May 2010 > Just for fun

Chef Dylan’s Thermomix “Ice Cream”

Another fun video production from Melbourne Thermomix consultant Steph Berg. Gather your kids around to watch mini Chef Dylan demonstrate the easy way to make Banana “Ice Cream”.

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23 May 2010 > Just for fun, Recipes on video

Thermomix Custard by Chef Dylan

Young Chef Dylan instructs viewers on how to make White Chocolate Custard with help from Thermomix and Bob Marley in the background. See how easy it is to make Thermomix a fun and yummy family affair.

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15 November 2009 > Just for fun, Thermomix in the news!

Chef Neven Maguire: TMX testimonials

Ireland’s Chef Neven Maquire is caught on camera giving a brilliant testimonial for Thermomix. He has three in his kitchen and tells why.

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01 September 2009 > Just for fun

Unboxing Bimby

What’s included in a Thermomix purchase?
This video shares a little of Luigina’s excitement as she unpacks the Bimby delivery. Very helpful as it shows all components included in the TM31.

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