05 February 2010 > Thermomix in the news!

Is Canada ready for more Thermomix in 2010?

More Canadians are interested in Thermomix than ever before. Great news for those of us who have been wishing for more brand awareness and widespread acceptance of the kitchen machine we love best. But… are Canadian cooks ready for Thermomix?

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01 February 2010 > best Thermomix sites

Brazen’s Adventurous Blog: gluten-free with Thermomix

Brazen inspires her readers with family-friendly gluten-free Thermomix recipes served with a captivating side order of multi-tasking realism from Down Under. And that’s not all.

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25 January 2010 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Delicious Dessert Ideas, Snacks & Parties

Sorta Torta Mascarpone (Is this too good to eat?)

You don’t know Mascarpone until you’ve tried Torta Mascarpone.Two triple cream cheeses combining in a beautiful marriage of the savoury sort. Perfectly complimentary and with a sum greater than its parts. Is this too good?

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22 January 2010 > Make your own ingredients

Mascarpone: make it with Thermomix to save $$

Using Thermomix to make cheese is a great way to have fun with this super kitchen machine and Mascarpone is a good place to begin. Make it in less than 10 minutes! Why does something this easy cost so much in the stores?

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20 January 2010 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

What to do with leftover Risotto?

Frugal cooks everywhere are secretly hopeful for leftovers. Creating two meals from each recipe we save time, money and energy. I’m always happy for leftover Pizza Risotto because I can make…

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20 January 2010 > Blog

Bimby Kitchen Diary (January 2010!)

Time for a new diary for 2010! Wow — it is now five months since Thermomix arrived at my house. I had no idea it would change my kitchen (and my life) so much. Check the diary to see how hard Bimby works in this blogger’s kitchen.

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19 January 2010 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Recipes on video

Pizza Thermomix Risotto (like Pizza in a Pot!)

When pantry and fridge conspire by offering up the right ingredients for pizza but Bimby wants to make a Risotto instead — a new recipe is born — PIZZA Risotto! What’s in your larder?

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10 January 2010 > Blog

What is a Thermomix Thermo Server?

Not just a pretty bowl! The Thermo Server is a great companion to the Thermomix and has many reasons for being popular among Bimby fans. Are there more ways to use it?

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07 January 2010 > breakfast, lunch, dinner

NUTELLA® Breakfast Pockets by Thermomix

Warm banana and NUTELLA® in a hazelnut pastry wrapper? YUM! Be prepared — these Breakfast Pockets could well disappear on the short trip from oven to table!

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06 January 2010 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Make your own ingredients

Thermomix Hazelnut Pastry

Thermomix helped me to overcome a lifelong fear of baking! I’m now confident enough to enjoy experimenting with sweet and savoury pastry treats. Ground hazelnuts bring to good pastry the added elements of …

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04 January 2010 > Blog

See what I got! (for Thermomix Recipe Conversions)

This year’s Christmas gift-to-self was a specialty calculator to help with Thermomix recipe conversions. I just know there are a few gadget-loving geeky gastronomes and recipe-converting Thermomix fans who will appreciate this too!

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01 January 2010 > Blog, Recipes, Uncategorized

Happy Thermomix New Year!

Thoughts about family, food, and a really super kitchen machine that made this blogger’s festivities a whole lot more fun this year. How about YOU? Did you have a “Merry Thermomix Christmas?” and are you having a “Happy Thermomix New Year?”

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31 December 2009 > Blog

Bimby Kitchen Diary (December 2009)

Has Bimby earned its keep? Are we making full use of all its attributes? Should we be eating more? Less? Do you like these recipe ideas? Get a sneak peek at exactly how and how often we use Thermomix…

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31 December 2009 > Delicious Dessert Ideas, Recipes on video

Chef Laurent’s Easy Lemon Tarts

Australia’s Thermomixing Chef Laurent demonstrates why the TM31 is his appliance of choice in the kitchen. His well-executed video for easy natural Lemon Tarts is a great introduction to this super kitchen machine…

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27 December 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Recipes on video

Onion Flan for Thermomix Fans

Don’t try this unless you are prepared to receive job offers from professional kitchens and proposals of marriage — all who taste it will fall in love. Guaranteed.

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27 December 2009 > Make your own ingredients, Recipes on video, Tips & Techniques

Make it with Thermomix: Butter

Are you thinking about buying a Thermomix? Wonder how you can use it to make butter at home? Find answers to your questions in this short “slideo” with recipe from Australia’s Thermomix cookbook.

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18 December 2009 > Thermomix in the news!

“The 8 Biggest Kitchen Innovations of the Decade” – includes Thermomix at #4!

On December 16, 2009 Fast Company magazine named Thermomix one of the 8 Biggest Kitchen Innovations of the Decade! (Super kudos from those who celebrate innovation!) Others include SousVide Supreme, Turbochef Speedcook Oven and …

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17 December 2009 > Thermomix in the news!

La Belle Auberge + Thermomix = ZAGAT Top Food Win

Congratulations to Chef Bruno Marti and his Thermomixing staff at La Belle Auberge in Ladner, BC. for winning “Top Food” from the Zagat Survey 2010 Vancouver Guide. Find out why this renown chef endorses Thermomix!

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15 December 2009 > Make your own ingredients, Snacks & Parties

Odette’s Onion Jam (multi-purpose, sweet & salty)

Odette will tell you to hide these onions from the kids because the jar might disappear when your back is turned. From a lifetime of making this recipe, Odette knows “it’s great to take on a picnic!” Who is Odette… and what are her onions all about?

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13 December 2009 > breakfast, lunch, dinner, Snacks & Parties

Rondelles de Chèvre (Gogurt Cheese Rounds)

I just had to find out if Thermomix could help me make goat’s cheese too. Or rather… “Gogurt Cheese” made from goat’s milk yogurt. Not only did it come together more easily than expected, but boy-oh-boy, the gogurt experiment was …

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12 December 2009 > Make your own ingredients

Valerie’s Thermomix Yogurt Recipe

Making yogurt by Thermomix is EASY and so very REWARDING. It’s not only healthier, but a great way to save money, as making your own yogurt cuts costs to about a third! This super simple recipe from Valerie is the best way to get started.

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