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Thermomix TM5, a smart kitchen tool

The rest of the world has long accepted Thermomix as a superior do-it-all kitchen appliance while America is just getting to know the TM5 for it’s digital connectivity.

Yes, this popular German-engineered “mixer cooker” is  proving to be the benchmark to beat in a fast-growing smart kitchen space. And when Thermomix USA made an appearance at the recent CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas, the Smart Kitchen Show’s Michael Wolf was there to interview.

The interview is featured on the Smart Kitchen Show podcast and at, sister sites to the Smart Kitchen Summit — all developed by author/analyst and digital home expert Michael Wolf. (Wolf has his finger on the pulse of today’s kitchen tech developments and his sites deserve the attention of curious food geeks everywhere.) It’s refreshing to hear from an interviewer who has a real understanding of how Thermomix defines this niche in an increasingly competitive arena of connected kitchen tools.

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What does Thermomix TM5 bring to smart kitchens?

Click above to hear the full interview. Thermomix USA president Kai Shaeffner and product manager Stefan Hilgers discuss the history and future of Thermomix in USA. Here are a few highlights from the podcast:

  • with a solid foundation of success with previous Thermomix models to build upon, the digital TM5 model was seven years in development.
  • sales of Thermomix TM5 in Europe have topped 3,000,000 since 2015
  • Thermomix launches now in USA with branches in California, expanding soon to New York
  • the Cook-key (coming soon to Thermomix USA) offers wireless connectivity to over 8,000 recipes stored in the Cloud
  • touch screen functionality delivers Guided Cooking: easy step-by-step instructions to enable “chef-like cooking” at home
  • new digital technology allows for software updates and more rapid improvements for the future

Smart Kitchen Podcast about Thermomix


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