Impressive growth for Thermomix Annual Sales 2015

If you love Thermomix, you will love this news from Vorwerk’s annual report!

Thermomix annual sales increase 2015
The month of May is always exciting for Thermomix enthusiasts because it’s at this time that Vorwerk publishes its Thermomix annual sales report. Some of us just love to check the numbers to see how Thermomix popularity increases from year to year as Vorwerk expands its innovative product range, moves into new regions, and creates new fans around the world. The annual report is also a great way for people to learn more about the company that makes Thermomix — especially if you are considering the purchase of a TM5. Here now is a peek at some Thermomix numbers from 2015.

Did you know? Interesting info about Vorwerk, maker of Thermomix.
The maker of Thermomix is based in Wuppertal, Germany but has multiple divisions with a total presence in 71 countries through its own subsidiaries or through its trading partners (distributorships).  The Thermomix division operates direct subsidiaries in 13 countries in Europe, Asia and North America (yes, Thermomix is now in USA). Additionally, Thermomix is sold through distributing partnerships (eg Australia, Canada, Malaysia).


Thermomix international subsidiaries, from Vorwerk annual report 2015

source: Vorwerk Annual Report 2015


In 2015 Thermomix annual sales jumped up by almost 50%
Vorwerk operates several divisions around the world specializing in flooring products, cosmetics (JAFRA), vacuum cleaners (Kobold) and more. But in 2015 Thermomix annual sales showed super growth and lead all Vorwerk divisions with greatest sales volume.

Vorwerk sales report 2015

Thermomix sales from 2012 to 2015

source: Vorwerk Annual Report, 2015

A significant increase of 49.4% meant that the (Thermomix) division achieved total sales of EUR 1.4 billion. ($1.57 billion US)

All subsidiaries recorded an increase in the year under review. The strongest sales were again recorded in Germany; with a growth of 90.6 percent and revenue almost doubling to EUR 429 million.  The share of sales generated outside Germany reached 64.1 percent.
from the Vorwerk Annual report, 2015

Thermomix sales chart

The sales companies in Taiwan, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Mexico, Austria and China could likewise distinctly grow revenue levels. Moreover, the export business – i.e. the sale of Thermomix TM5 through so-called distributors in smaller markets – achieved record sales of EUR 54 million with an increase of 17.6 percent.
text  from the Vorwerk Annual report, 2015

The bottom line
We can’t argue with the numbers. Whether you are one of more than 42,000 Thermomix consultants around the world, or an enthusiastic home cook and fan like this blogger, it’s gratifying to watch as more people each year discover the fun of cooking with Thermomix. And lastly, according to the Vorwerk Annual report…

Worldwide, a Thermomix was sold every 25 seconds in the year 2015.

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