Who makes Thermomix?

Vorwerk video

Curious about the company behind Thermomix TM5?

If you are hearing about Thermomix for the first time and wondering how the super kitchen machine became a successful global brand, this corporate video about the multi-faceted Vorwerk group tells all. Vorwerk is the internationally successful, German-based manufacturer of Thermomix TM5. But the family-owned company that began in 1883 as a manufacturer of high-end floor coverings now offers so much more.  

Check out this corporate video for a fresh perspective on the company behind our favorite kitchen machine.

It’s understandable that anyone researching Thermomix will be curious about the reputation of its manufacturer. Did you know that the first Thermomix model was released in 1971? And that Vorwerk is a global corporate entity with more than 2.8 Billion Euros in annual revenue? (That’s about 3 Billion $US!) The company is represented in 70 countries by 10,000 employees and more than 500,000 independent sales reps. New Thermo-seekers can rest assured, Thermomix and Vorwerk are solid names recognized and embraced  around the world.

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