Surprise! Could Thermomix Cook-key make your TM5 even better?

As Thermomix fans we’re somewhat used to surprises…

To begin, there are oh-so-many surprisingly easy and impressive foods produced when a TM machine first arrives in its new home. More surprises follow each week as we explore new recipes and stretch our culinary selves to create meals we never imagined possible. (Hands up if you, like me, surprised yourself by actually falling in love with a kitchen gadget!) And then every few years we are surprised by Vorwerk, maker of Thermomix…

In September 2014 Vorwerk surprised the world by launching a new touch-screen enabled TM5 machine which offered guided cooking. And now, one year later, Thermomix TM5 owners are learning of a new and revolutionary accessory  — the Cook-Key.

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Talking ’bout a revolution… in digital cooking

Thermomix New Zealand surprised us yesterday by talking about the Thermomix TM5 Cook-key on this page. There we learned that

Thermomix TM5 with Cook KeyAll Thermomix TM5 customers will have a chance to enjoy the features of the Cook-Key when it is released.  This is an exciting development for the future of cooking with Thermomix, however the Cook-Key is still in the early testing phases and there is no release date planned.”

It seems this year Vorwerk is surprising us not with an actual launch of the Cook-Key, but rather with the gift of anticipating not only its arrival but also that of the Thermomix Recipe Platform.

On the shiny new site at we learn this cleverly-named bit of tech will:

allow you to send your favorite recipes from the Thermomix ® Thermomix Recipe Platform or Thermomix ® App directly to the display of your Thermomix ® TM5 – using wireless internet connection. All recipes in the Thermomix ® Recipe Platform come with the innovative Guided Cooking function that provides you with helpful guidance for every step of your meal preparation. “

More good news from the makers of Cook-Key
According to the Cook-Key builds on the first steps of the “guided cooking” function integral to the Thermomix TM5, and

All Thermomix ® fans who already use the Thermomix ® TM5, as well as customers who plan to purchase the Thermomix ® TM5, can look forward to the Cook-Key ® as an exciting new accessory. Existing TM5 owners will be able to acquire and use the Cook-Key ® without inconvenience in terms of pricing compared to new customers.”

The site goes further to explain that favorite recipes can be saved in the Recipe Platform or Thermomix Recipe App and then viewed and followed directly on the machine via wireless key. These recipes are not stored in the machine, but rather transmitted as needed.

So many reasons to love Thermomix!
With the launch of Thermomix TM5’s guided on-screen cooking and the future Cook-Key wireless recipe technology it’s clear that Thermomix leads the world in digital cooking. The Cook-Key looks like one more way to have fun with Thermomix — as if we needed yet another reason to call it a super kitchen machine ;-)

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