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Thermomix magazine announced

It’s nearly midnight here as I type this from the West Coast of Canada but I couldn’t let one more day go by without talking about my fave new Thermomix magazine…

In case you haven’t heard the news, there’s been a merging of two major forces in the world of mixing: The 4 Blades‘ podcaster “Bec”, and super-blogger Peta from “The Road to Loving my Thermomixer“. This combination of two highly popular (and Australian!) Thermo-mixing brands has resulted in an impressive new product: a well organized, photo-filled and recipe-packed digital magazine for all lovers of the Thermomix kitchen machine.

A savvy labour of love
For these two passionate and creative forces to combine efforts is itself a stroke of genius, but the icing on this cake was in the timing of the magazine’s launch. After a successful first (Tea Party) issue in November 2014, issue #2 of The 4 Blade’s Magazine landed just in time for Christmas. And it’s so packed full of recipes, how-to photos and seriously useful tips that you will not want to miss out. Treat yourself right now, and order a copy to help with Christmas planning and preparations. (Better yet, sign up for a subscription because it’s impossible to stop at one issue.)

Thermomix magazine cover

What’s so great about this Thermo-mixing magazine? Not sure why you might want to read a digital magazine for Thermomixers? Well, rest assured there are plenty of reasons:

  • Value. Value. Value! Heaps of recipes, lots of photos, and useful tips at a super price. Check 33 recipes is the first issue and 50+ recipes in issue #2. That’s more than a month’s worth of recipes in each issue!
  • Great attention paid to dietary restrictions — not only are there so many recipes, but each issue has its own Dietary Index which lists all recipes according to dietary suitabilities: gluten-free Thermomix recipes, non-dairy Thermomix recipes, recipes without egg, nuts etc.
  • Sexy touchscreen experience – there, I said it. Not sure what that could possible mean? It’s interactive. Try it yourself to find out.
  • Easy navigation. Great attention has been paid towards making this a user-friendly digital magazine. Think of each issue as a mini cookbook, with easy-to-access table of contents, indices, photo galleries and more.
  • Featuring some great contributors – the list of contributors varies greatly from one issue to the next and is a fun and easy way to sample recipes from veteran Thermomix recipe developers and newcomers alike.
  • Support! Not sure how to download or ‘read’ a digital magazine? Never done this before? Need someone to hold your hand as you get on board with a digital magazine? No worries puleeze! Producer Bec has uploaded a step-by-step video tutorial on YouTube and provides answers all questions on the blog. Even the novice digital user will soon be up and running thanks to the high level of support offered by this thoughtful team of magazine producers. (aka Bec, Peta, and Joe)
  • Available for Apple and Android – infinitely inclusive. To read this Thermomix magazine we first need to download an app. Click here for Apple, and here for Android.

Want more?

I’m so excited about this Christmas issue of The 4 Blades Thermomix magazine that I’m adding it to the Thermomix Christmas list!

psst… Have you read this digital Thermomix magazine? What did you think??

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See 3 comments from people who cook with Thermomix:

  1. heidi December 8, 2014 at 7:27 am #

    You are so right Helene, just in time for Christmas. :-)

  2. Annette April 10, 2015 at 9:49 pm #

    4 Blades digital magazine is one of the best digital magazines/cookbooks going around. So easy to use and easy to read. Great job.

  3. kathy November 24, 2015 at 1:11 pm #

    Hello, Im in Australia an unable to buy the Thermomix magazine anywhere. Can I become a distrubutor for Australia to get these out to people. Kind Regards Kathy Darmanin.