MixedWords: puzzle for fans of Thermomix TM5 and TM31

Thermomix tm5 puzzle

If you think you know Thermomix — how about putting your love for this super kitchen machine to the test!

Its time for a bit of fun, to help new owners and long-time fans of Thermomix test their knowledge about Thermomix TM5 and TM31. No fancy prizes — the reward is that swell of satisfaction you’ll find if when you manage to solve the entire puzzle without cheating. Think of this as a little pre-Christmas box of fun, from me to you. Thanks for playing!

fun interactive Thermomix puzzle to play

click to play interactive puzzle online now

Two ways to play!

  • click to play the interactive MixedWords version Easy and fun! Puzzle opens in a new browser tab. Best played on computer. Can also be played on tablets, but the layout is a bit limiting.
  • click for a printable version of Mixed Words A print-friendly page makes it easy to share with friends around a table. Go on — challenge yourselves, no cheating!

Need to cheat help?

  • If you absolutely need to cheat help, it’s okay, but it won’t be easy! The answers have been tucked away, out of sight. First you’ll have to go this page (in Kitchen Kit Shop), then look for the solution…
Thermomix crossword puzzleclick for printer-friendly page — then print and play offline

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    Thank you for your helping hand.