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Vorwerk reveals annual Thermomix sales & popularity

Thermomix sales data around the world from SuperKitchenMachine

Each year at this time I patiently watch for Vorwerk’s Annual report which gives us a tally of Thermomix sales around the world for the previous year. (Okay, I am not a Thermomix consultant, but that doesn’t stop me from getting a wee thrill from these numbers. I love to see more people discover the fun of cooking with TM31!)  This report marks the 130th year of business for the German maker of our favourite kitchen machine — and as always, its pages are filled with facts and figures to satisfy the curiousity of avid Thermomix fans everywhere. Which countries lead the world for Thermomix sales? Keep reading…. 
Vorwerk Report Cover
Vorwerk Annual Report, online
The recent report covers all aspects of Vorwerk International business (seven divisions) including Thermomix sales figures for 2013. For your convenience, I’ve reviewed the Thermomix-specific sections and summarized them below.  To see the complete report for 2013, click here.


What’s new in Thermomix sales figures for 2013?

  • more than 840,000 Thermomix were sold around the world in 2013 (Vorwerk Annual Report 2013, page 11)
  • in 2013 Thermomix sales comprised 30% of Vorwerk business, resulting in €800 Million (Total Vorwerk was €2.6 Billion). (Vorwerk Annual Report 2013, page 9, 11)
  • Thermomix division showed the most growth in the Vorwerk group of companies, increasing by 17% over year 2012. (Vorwerk Annual Report 2013, page 11)
  • A record year of sales in Germany saw the country’s growth double since 2010 and increase by more than 33% over the previous year. (Vorwerk Annual Report 2013, page 19)
  • Top Thermomix sales by country in 2013: Germany (240,000), France, Italy, Spain(Vorwerk Annual Report 2013, page 11)
  • Vigorous growth of Vorwerk’s Thermomix division is largely attributed to its robust global sales force which grew by 9.4% in 2013. Are you thinking of becoming a consultant? You are not alone — there are now 30,330 Thermomix consultants around the world!
Thermomix sales chart from SuperKitchenMachine
More Thermomix news:
  • Late in 2013 the privately held Thermomix UK distributorship became a Vorwerk subsidiary for UK and Ireland. (Vorwerk Annual Report 2013, page 20)
  • Save energy cooking with Thermomix! Vorwerk Engineering calculates that by cooking a traditional German “Königsberg Meatballs” meal for four (including sauce and potatoes) using TM31 instead of the stovetop method saves 43% in electrical energy consumption. (Vorwerk Annual Report 2013, page 28)
  • The Thermomix factory in France was recently expanded in order to meet increasing demans for the machine now, and in the future. (Vorwerk Annual Report 2013, page 27 and other sources)
  • To support consultants and thousands of new Thermomix owners who prefer collecting recipes online Vorwerk has recently activated on social media platforms, various “Recipe World” communities and a Thermomix app. These social media investments are just beginning to reap rewards and will surely help Thermomix popularity to grow even more rapidly in years to come. (!)

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    Thermopen 18 May 2014 at 3:17 am (PERMALINK)

    I used my TM3300 in Seattle for 4 years in the ’80s using the cooker socket having first checked that would work. Now you can buy TM31 from Canada and sell your Vitamix on eBay as you will no longer need it!

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    Madame Thermomix 18 May 2014 at 11:15 pm (PERMALINK)

    Many thanks Helene for keeping us up to date with this aspect of our best friend in the kitchen. It is reassuring to know that Vorwerk and Thermomix are doing so well and that popularity for Thermomix is ever growing!


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