Thermomix online: measures of success

Thermomix has always been popular, but since the Thermomix online presence was officially launched by Vorwerk there are new measures of success. So much has changed in the past five years…

Five years ago (2009) Thermomix had so little online presence that consultants were being discouraged from promoting themselves through blogs and websites. (Those who join the ranks as consultants today enjoy a more favourable social climate.) In contrast, today sees an update to the thriving english language “official Thermomix online community” and an explosion of Thermomix promotions across multiple social media channels, official and not.

Thermomix online is YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more!
Today the official Thermomix YouTube channel announced an updated version of their English language community portal. They’re connecting with customers and responding to feedback with improved site standards. (Although they neglect to mention the address of the improved community website in the video below, you can reach it by clicking here.)

How many Thermomix bought while you brush your teeth?

At time of this writing, the english-language recipe community has about 73,000 members — almost double the number of just one year ago (40,000 on March 2, 2013)! From there you can follow links to official Thermomix online hubs on facebook, Twitter, Instragram and by rss feed. It seems that those who were hired, have done well.

Something to think about!
Check Vorwerk’s annual report to see how the popularity of our fave kitchen machine grew during 2013 due to an increase in the sanctioned presence of Thermomix online.

In reviewing numbers from past years we are reminded that in 2011 there was one Thermomix sold every 20 seconds. It’s a number that promises to be higher in 2014 but for now it’s a fact we can play with:

  • One Thermomix sold every 20 seconds means that at least three Thermomix are bought each minute, somewhere around the world! That’s 180 super kitchen machines arriving to their new homes each hour of the day!
  • It’s more than 4,300 bought per day across more than 60 countries. And more than 1.5 million machines landing on new benchtops each year.
  • With so many new Thermomix owners each day ( 4,500+) there is good cause for the exponential explosion of Thermomix popularity across social media networks. More demand is being created as we tweet, post photos, and update our timelines. Will the newly expanded factory at Cloyes-sur-Loir handle the volume?
  • How many machines where bought in the time it took you to read this page? And since most people take 1-2 minutes to brush their teeth so… think about this, next time you brush your teeth! 


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  1. A Canadian Foodie September 13, 2014 at 6:37 am #

    How did I miss the Social Media hire post? It is excellent with excellent reflective thought…. and the math with that smile? Irresistible! You are certainly my go to gal for everything about the company, Helene! I appreciate that a great deal. The annual report isn’t sent to us via our distributor and I appreciate not having to do a search. Great news for this machine, my passion, our customers, and my business!