video: Thermomix Risotto with Don Genova

Cook along with a Canadian Thermomix representative Don Genova as he demonstrates how to make a perfect Asparagus Thermomix Risotto with the world’s best-loved kitchen machine.

Even though Don Genova is one of few Canadians who cooks with Thermomix, and I too live in Canada… we’ve never met, spoken, or communicated. (I know, hard to believe isn’t it?!) But this fact doesn’t stop me and several thousand more Canadians from feeling we know the man — just a little bit. Genova’s engaging food-related radio vignettes and many other food journalism appearances  have made him one of the country’s best-loved public foodies. Who better then, to introduce Thermomix to Canadians on YouTube?

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Cook-along with Don!
Genova’s video recipe is everything a video recipe should be. It’s an easy recipe to follow, plus a great introduction to Thermomix. Everything about this video works. (Well, almost… At time of this writing, there’s an inaccurate blog reference in the final few frames.) Genova is also an experienced cooking teacher and here now too before the camera he masterfully explains the functions of the Thermomix to those who are not yet familiar. His style is casual, friendly, and comfortable. Professional production means we hear, see and understand everything. This excellent little video does several things at once: introduces Thermomix, explains the machine’s unique functions, and presents a classic Thermomix Risotto — all in about six minutes.

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See 4 comments from people who cook with Thermomix:

  1. A Canadian Foodie August 12, 2012 at 9:10 am #

    Love that I learn so much from you, Helene! Don is a Slow Food Guru, too – that is how I know him, so this is great news – I had no idea! You may or may not know that we have started a new year long project called Cheesepalooza – and I have been making all of the direct heat fresh cheeses that I can if I can use 2 litres of milk or less – with my Thermomix. Increadible results. Best ricotta, mascarpone, cultured butter – and on and on… will be doing much more!

  2. Cheryl August 12, 2012 at 9:49 am #

    thanks for posting this video Helene. Loved it!

  3. ThermomixBlogger Helene August 15, 2012 at 4:55 pm #

    Wow Valerie — that’s great news about your cheese-making antics. Can’t wait to read more on your blog ;-)


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