Mundo Thermomix Espana news updates!

We don’t have to live in Spain to be excited. Thermomix fans are by nature a fun-loving people who are generous of spirit. These same qualities that make us dedicated parents, confirmed foodies, and outstanding hosts/hostesses translate well to a shared passion for the super kitchen machine.  Not only in Spain, but in Great Britain, Germany, Australia, Malaysia, and around the world Thermomix fans can celebrate the occasion of a first national Thermomix ‘party’ in Madrid this past week-end.

Those of us who aren’t there in person can still sneak a peek into the Mundo Thermomix Congress via the online updates from various attendees.  Here below is a video from ThermomixEspana.

What makes this video worth watching?

  • I was able to enjoy this Spanish-language video, simply for the thrill of seeing so many people gathered in one place to eat, breath, and play Thermomix together.
  • Watch for the segment that shows an inside view of the Thermomix machine. The machine’s case is cut away so we can watch its mechanics at work!
  • Surprise little bit of english spoken at the end of the video. Do you recognize these people?
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from the Mundo Thermomix photo album of Thermomix Espana on facebook

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