All In One Bowl (part 2)

Great explanations for making  Chinese Stir Fried Vegetables,  Pasta with Pesto,  Steamed Salmon with Asparagus,  Frozen Strawberry-Banana Gelato,  and Latté.   Watch to see the section on easy cleaning  of the Thermomix bowl! Recipes are well detailed and all steps  clearly shown in this thorough presentation from the friendly folks at the Fantan Thermomix office.

What this video doesn‘t tell is:
– Tina suggests adding ice cubes for the Gelato recipe. In fact, the way we see it, she appears to be adding frozen milk cubes, which is another way of making Gelato with Thermomix. You can use ice cubes or milk cubes, or both combined,  according to preference and special dietary needs.

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