All In One Bowl (demo part 1)

Great explanations for making Thermomix Lemonade, Foccacia Bread, and Pumpkin soup. All steps are clearly shown in this well-done presentation from the Fantan Thermomix office.

What this video doesn‘t tell is:
– Tina suggests “You can make lemon juice for about a dollar a glass!” but the video actually shows her making a full pitcher of lemonade with two lemons, just as we make it at home. The way we figure it, the lemonade cost is less than $1 per pitcher, not per glass…
– Exact quantities are not shown for all ingredients, but this is not  a problem. A recipe book is included with your Thermomix purchase.
– Not shown is how easy the Bimby bowl cleans itself  between uses. It takes no time to shift from one recipe to another when cleaning is not an obstacle.
See how Thermomix washes itself >

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