Thermomix Frugal Fan Challenge #2:
Eat more (home-made) soup!

I am shocked at the price of store-bought soup!
I see canned soup on the shelves of the grocery store selling for $1-$4 per can! I see ‘home styled’ soup in the deli section for $5-$7 per liter. Being a frugal foodie by nature, I’ve never been one to purchase soups and now that Thermomix is in my kitchen, it is easier than ever to make tasty nutritious soups for less than $1 per litre.  So I’m issuing a new challenge to myself: to eat more soup and increase the savings’ benefit of owning a Bimby! And — I encourage you to also explore the possibilities of progressive soup-making offered by this multi-functional kitchen tool.

Those who don’t yet own a Thermomix may question the advantages of using an appliance for soup-making, when the stove-top method works just fine.  Naturally, this begs the question: “What makes Thermomix such a superior souper?”

1) souperior stocks
Whether it be the chicken or vegetable variety we’re after, Thermomix gives us the ability to liquify stock ingredients better than any other tool — thereby bringing more flavourful nutrition to all soups. Some will choose to make stock directly in the Thermomix bowl (up to 2 litres). But for larger quantities and to better accommodate chicken carcasses etc. make our stock on the stove. Either way, you will benefit from blitzing your stock after the flavours have steeped and married. The extreme processing/liquifying capabilities of the Thermomix’s high speed settings allow for bits of chicken and vegetables to be ‘blitzed to smithereens’. The result is a stock that appears less than clear (if you will) but that is packed with more nutrients and flavor than conventional stocks.

2) speed
Because the Thermomix controls heat and concentrates it so precisely, soup cooks in just minutes. Those who are fortunate enough to have experienced the in-home demo from a qualified Thermomix consultant will likely recall tasting a delicious seasonal soup made easily and quickly (usually within about 15-18 minutes, from start to finish) using healthful ingredients. Because ingredients are added directly to the Thermomix bowl without the need for measuring cups and implements, preparation time is almost zero for most soups. This further expedites the soup-making process.

3) energy efficiency
Again, due to the innovative (multi-patented) design that allows Thermomix to control heat and deliver it so precisely and effectively to the cooking surface, less fuel is used than with traditional cooking methods.  Heat does not escape between the pot and the element. This is one more reason to reach for Thermomix instead of a traditional cooking pot when it’s time to make your next soup.

4) flavour
Thermomix’s concentrated method of cooking ensures that maximum flavour molecules are retained during the efficient cooking process. All you have to do is taste a Thermomix-made soup, to understand.

5) ease and opportunity
People who own one know how easy it is to make Thermomix soup and tend to make more soup than ever before. The more soup we make, the more we eat, the more we want to repeat the experience! We easily find opportunities to try new soups and soon — it’s a habit! There are many recipes to be found in Thermomix cookbooks, and in the many online resources. Thermomix is a perfect tool for exploring the world of raw soups. Maybe not this week, but who knows where the adventure will lead?

6) no-mess cleanup!
A stainless-steel bowl that cleans itself is easier to deal with than a regular pot that might burn and need scrubbing. (Things don’t burn in a Thermomix). It is also easier to clean than a crock-pot, blender, or food processor.  If you haven’t see them yet, here are a few photos showing how Thermomix cleans itself.

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