How to Peel Garlic with Thermomix

This video slideo demonstrates a useful technique for garlic-loving Thermomix owners.

There are several other blog sites that talk about how to peel garlic by Thermomix, but we found the directions to be somewhat inconsistent. Some of them end up chopping or processing the garlic cloves as peels are removed, and while this is fine, it was not the result we were looking for. So after a fair bit of experimention, we’ve arrived at the desired result. And if you follow the time/speed directions in the “slideo” above, you should achieve peeled cloves that are for the most part whole and not minced.

If you don’t mind having an abundance of minced garlic on hand, by all means, let the Bimby buzz around a bit longer. The skins will be just as easy to remove by draining out the water. Frugal Fan Alert: Be aware though, that if you do it this way, and the cloves start to break down, your water will be all the more infused with garlic and should be reserved for later use in stock or soup.

Have fun!
(ThermomixBlogger Helene)

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  1. Cherie April 17, 2011 at 3:08 am #

    Thats Awesome!! I was happy that it can chop Garlic but I still have to peel it. NOW, I discover (which is not taught in the recipe book) that this SUPER Kitchen can PEEL too!!


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