Festive Holiday Recipes with Thermomix

Thermomix makes for fabulous festive fun! The holiday stress load is lighter and meals are more memorable when Bimby is included in the holiday menu plans. To get things started we offer these helpful links for impressive, tried and tested recipes for your upcoming celebration:

>> Festive Heirloom Cake
A lovely-textured chocolaty fruit/nut cake that is perrrrfect for festive holiday dinner tables. With a dollop of Thermomix-made yogurt (or ice cream) and a drizzle of divine warmed Rum Sauce, there will be sweet dreams all around after this one is served.
See Festive Heirloom Cake >

>> Chocolate (cocoa) Salami
How-to video instructions for a tasteful fun food recipe (Salami Dolce) that’s very chocolaty but not too sweet. Perfect for parties, special occasions, gifting, or for seducing a sweetheart…
See Cocoa Salami >

>> The Christmas Stollen
Why wait? Take this fabulous tested recipe from Tenina’s kitchen and mark it on your calendar NOW for prepping in time for Christmas. I for one am going to rediscover my German roots and awaken my inner Stollen.
See The Christmas Stollen >

>> A  Canadian Foodie’s Thanksgiving Dinner 2009
No, Valerie did not cook her turkey in the Bimby, but she shows very inspiring recipe ideas using Thermomix to wow your holiday dinner guests. Many photos and full instructions.
A Canadian Foodie’s Thanksgiving Dinner 2009 >

>> Seasonal recipes on forumthermomix.com
A growing collectin of seasonal recipes (many for Christmas) from the friendly Australians at forumthermomix.com. Includes such tempting ideas as:  Chilled Rum Sabayon (a very cool eggnog alternative)
See  Seasonal recipes on forumthermomix.com >

Do you know of a Thermomix holiday recipe that should be mentioned here?
Post your comment, let us know, and we’ll link to it!


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  1. Tenina October 19, 2009 at 12:10 am #

    Hi there, thanks for the link! I have so many more Festive treats to put up for this year, just no time…busy working for the machine! hahaha.